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Dr. Chris Pearson from the School of Surveying is assisting Nepal to recover from the recent devastating earthquakes.

Monday 7 September 2015 2:44pm

Dr. Chris Pearson from the School of Surveying left on Sunday, 6 September, to travel to Nepal to assist the country in recovering from the effects of the recent devastating earthquakes.

One of the consequences of the recent earthquakes in Nepal is that the ground over large parts of Nepal has moved by several metres, which means that the coordinates in GIS and geodetic databases are well off their true locations.  This provides a serious problem for disaster recovery efforts because coordinates determined before the earthquakes will not match the situation on the ground. Dr. Pearson will work with the Survey Department of the Ministry of Land Reform and Management to develop models of the deformation associated with the earthquake so that pre and post earthquake surveys can be combined accurately. The ultimate aim of this work is to develop a new national datum for Nepal. A modern geodetic datum provides an essential framework that allows surveys to be conducted at different times to be combined. In the aftermath of disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, time is of the essence in reestablishing water and electricity infrastructure and reopening damaged roadways and bridges, hence a modern geodetic datum ​is an essential part of the disaster recovery process.

Chris will be providing weekly updates on his trip.  You can follow his progress by regularly checking the School of Surveying's news feed over the next several weeks.