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Chris Pearson's second trip to Nepal - Blog 4

Wednesday 12 October 2016 1:52pm

I’ll start this week’s report about my trip to Katmandu University. As I mentioned last time I had an opportunity (at quite short notice) to give a lecture to the geomatics program at KU, which is a private university about 40 km outside of Kathmandu. Now 40 km does not sound like much but it was a good hour and a half with the traffic and roads. The university is actually located at the end of a muddy track without any sign on the main highway. Fortunately we were giving one of the students a lift, otherwise I do not know how we would have found it. Anyway, I was met by the student chapter and they took me over to the department where I gave the lecture in really well appointed lecture hall, I have never seen anything like it at Otago. Afterwards the professor and some faculty and the student chapter of the Nepal Geomatics Engineering society. After wards there was a photo session but in spite of numerous promises no one has sent me any copies so I will have to include it later. I think I mentioned in my last post that it was Friday the last day before the 4 week Dashen break. The next week was quite eventful also. On Wednesday I had lunch with Lisa Choegyal, New Zealand’s honorary council for Nepal, which gave me a chance to update her on the program which she was partly responsible for starting. We met at the Chez Caroline a French restraint which is located at the Babar Mahal Revisited, a renovated Rana era palace. The Rana’s were the hereditary prime ministers, generals for Nepal for about 200 years till they were overthrown in the 1950’s. This one is still owned by the descendants of the Rana owners. It was beautiful but what really blew me away was that she was at a birthday party for one of Ed Hillary’s kids and pointed out the table he was sitting at. After that I had to hurry back t the office for a Skype conference with the UN. I have ended up convening one of the sessions of the UNOOSA (UN office of outer space affairs) conference this December in Kathmandu. The meeting was interesting and gave me a different perspective on how the UN works. We spent quite a bit of time discussing logos for example. The rest of the week was uneventful although I gave a talk to the Survey Department on Friday which seemed to go well. I managed to include some results from the readjustment of the 1st order network, although that is still ongoing since I did not get the data till the proceeding Monday.
Well that is all for now. This week’s photo is from a visit to the Nargot geodetic facility I described in my first post. I just finally got the photo last week and I just had to send it. Note I was given an honorary Tilaka. Niraj Manandhar, the head of the geodetic branch is on my right and the other people are survey officers and other staff at the department.

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