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‘Bringing in the bystander’ workshop

Wanna know how to help your mates?

Register for a Bringing in the bystander workshop

Rape and sexual assault is something we hear about all the time and it often leaves us feeling a bit lost, hopeless and unsure of what we can do.

We run this workshop to give you ways to step in that are safe, effective and suit you. Our goal is to create a community that looks out for each other and does not tolerate inappropriate sexual behaviour.

This workshop is your way to contribute to making our community safe for everyone.

If you’re keen to get involved, we have scheduled workshops or if you want to get a group together we can set one up just for you. Take a look through the details below and get in touch by emailing:

Who can participate?

This workshop is open to students of all genders. We can see that men are over-represented as perpetrators of sexual violence and women as survivors. This is something we will go through as a group, while also understanding that sexual violence can be experienced by people of all genders.

Why should you do this workshop?

We focus on education and skills building which will give you practical plans in place for what to do when you notice inappropriate sexual behaviour. Not only will you be well equipped to keep you and your mates safe on a night out, but you will also learn ways to intervene that suit your own personality and approach.