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Te Mana Akonga - National Māori Student Body

Te Mana Akonga is our National Māori Student Body, which provides representation for all Māori Student Roopū at Whare Wānanga (Universities) nationwide.

Te Mana Akonga is the parallel body to the New Zealand University Students' Association. We have a memorandum of understanding a treaty-based partnership where each organisation is an equal partner, representing students with many similar concerns, but also with distinctive focuses and issues of concern.


Te Mana Akonga Mission Statement
"That the founding principles of Te Mana Akonga shall be those embodied in He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nui Tireni (1835 Declaration of Independence) and Te Tiriti o Waitangi."

Te Mana Akonga Constitutional Objectives

  1. Safeguarding the academic and social well-being of Māori university students
  2. Promoting Māori participation in education
  3. Liaising with the broader Māori community
  4. Working alongside those organizations which promote Te Reo Māori and nga tikanga Māori

Te Mana Akonga Structure
Te Mana Akonga is representative of all Māori University Students, therefore we have no president. Te Mana Akonga employs a Kaituhono, based in Wellington, who acts as a networking and liaison officer nationwide. The decision making body is made up of 2 Kaiarahi (representatives) from each member Roopū. They are chosen by their Roopū and given the mandate of their Roopū. These Kaiarahi discuss issues and formulate action, which is then implemented at a local level. Major policies made by the Kaiarahi are ratified the AGM. The AGM is part of Te Huinga Tauira, the national gathering of Māori University students.
The Te Mana Akonga members are:

  • Te Waka o Nga Akonga Māori (Massey University, Albany Campus)
  • Nga Tauira Māori (Auckland University)
  • Komiti Awhina (Waikato University)
  • Manawatahi (Massey University, Palmerston North Campus)
  • Te Akatoki (Canterbury University)
  • Te Awhioraki (Lincoln University)
  • Te Roopū Māori (Otago University)

What does Te Mana Akonga Do?
Te Mana Akonga is responsible for avocation of better conditions for Māori Students on campus and all issues pertaining to Māori in general. We support and provide services to all the Māori Student Roopū (Associations) catering to the specific educational, cultural, political and social needs of all Māori Students. We support, encourage and practice tikanga Māori and te reo Māori to create an environment where Māori students feel more comfortable

How do we do this?
Primarily we try to change the systems that subject Māori within their tertiary education sector. One of the ways to do this is through lobbying of the government. We provide a point of contact for the discussion of all policy that will ultimately affect Māori students. We also take a proactive stance in creating change within the institutions in which we study

Contact Details
The Kaituhono is available to answer any queries regarding Te Mana Akonga and its members.
Please address any queries to:

Te Mana Akonga (Inc)
Level 3, 354 Lambton Quay
PO Box 10191
Ph: (04) 498 2506
Fax: (04) 473 2391
Cell: 021 440279
Email: tma.kaituhono@xtra.co.nz