Free Public Lectures

22 March 5.30pm to 7.30pm Dunedin Public Art Gallery

25th March, 5.30 to 7.30pm Edgewater Resort, Wanaka

Drinks and nibbles from 5.30pm, lectures to start at 6.00pm


Professor Andy Miah

Professor Andy Miah is Chair of Ethics and Emerging Technologies and Director of the Creative Futures Research Centre at the University of the West of Scotland. A prolific cultural commentator and philosopher, he commences a lecture tour as a visiting Scholar at University of Otago, during which time he will give a number of public talks on such subjects as the use of social media in disaster zones, the emergence of bioart, the future of fairness, and the rise of the genetically modified athlete. He is also a social media advocate and, as a photo anthropologist, has been published in a range of books and magazines. Check out

Dunedin Talk: Genetically Modified Athletes: Is this the end of sport?

In 2001, athletes were beginning to contact genetic scientists to enroll into their gene transfer clinical trials. While the science of gene therapy was still very undeveloped, this signaled a shift in how athletes would enhance their performance in the future and the world of sport reacted by banning gene doping in 2003. One decade on from those initial inquiries, what has become of the genetically modified athlete? How might these new kinds of individual fit within elite sport, or will their birth bring about the end of sport as we know it?

Wanaka talk: Humanity 2.0

The pursuit of science, technology and medicine lead humanity towards a posthuman state, where ageing is regarded as a disease to be cured and where the value of natural biological state is replaced by the commitment to enhance our resilience to the environmental stress of life and even go beyond the upper limit of human capabilities. While, countless science fiction stories warn us of the dangers with 'playing God' and tampering with nature, can we expect these transformations to improve humanity in the long term? After all, if we regard them to be a natural part of our evolution, then we may argue that they are not only inevitable, they are also morally required.

Professor Ronald Green

The Eunice and Julian Cohen Professor for the Study of Ethics and Human Values, Dartmouth College
Talk title: Babies by Design

Associate Professor David Gerrard

CNZM, OBE, Sports Physician, Department of Medicine, University of Otago
Bioethics in sports medicine: pushing drugs and modifying genes

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