Having met twice to consider the potential for research at the interface of theology and the spatial arts, The Theology and the Built Environment Colloquium is now seeking to undertake and encourage writing and publication of work exploring the interface between theology and the spatial arts. It is currently working on a three volume series titled 'Explorations in Theology and the Spatial Arts' with the three volumes titled respectively, 'Space', 'City' and 'Sanctuary'. It also encourages publication of monographs in this area. Publications to date include:

Graham Redding 'Reflections Upon Storied Place as a Category for Exploring the Significance of the Built Environment' in Pacifica Vol 18 (2005) 154f.
Murray Rae 'Te Papa Tongarewa' (Review of the National Museum of New Zealand) in CS News Arts Quarterly 23 (Jan 2006) 10-11.
Review of T.J. Gorringe A Theology of the Built Environment, Justice, Empowerment, Redemption (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002) Reviewed in International Journal of Systematic Theology, vol 5.3 (November, 2003) 350-54.
Review of R.Kevin Seasoltz A Sense of the Sacred: Theological Foundations of Christian Architecture and Art (London: Continuum, 2005) Reviewed in Themelios, 31.3 (2006) 108-9



University of Otago Theology and the Spatial Arts