Research Progress

The second meeting of the Theology and the Built Environment Colloquium took place at Calvin College in May 2004. Architects, theologians, philosophers, and art historians, from the UK, the USA, Canada, France, and New Zealand gathered to engage in a conversation between theology and the spatial arts. Participants offered papers on a variety of themes including:

  • The Place and Space of Worship
  • Place, Paradigm and Narrative
  • Memory, Tradition and the Built Environment
  • Explorations in Doctrine

The papers from the colloquium, listed below, represent the research progress of the colloquium thus far and will form the basis of a series of publications that will explore the fruitfulness for theology of an engagement with the spatial arts.


Graham Redding

Storied Place


Nick Wolterstorff

The Theological Significance of Going to Church and Leaving, and the Architectural Expression of that Significance


Murray Rae

A Place to Dwell


Bill Dyrness

Is There a Protestant Space?


Marga Jann

Sacred Architecture in the Contemporary World


Eric Jacobsen

Memory, Tradition and the Built Environment


Tiffany Robinson

The Ascension and Spatiality


Henry Luttikhuizen

Architecture of the Heart


Dino Marcantonio

Architecture and the Scandal of Particularity



University of Otago Theology and the Spatial Arts