In the news:

  1. TV News interview on DOC Coastal Otago Conservation Award <Channel 9 News>

  2. Role of genetics in DOC award  <Role of genetics explored.pdf>

• Ian’s Inaugural Professorial Lecture  [~1 hr long]  <IPL. mp4>

NZ’s Ecological Society’s Tohu Taiao Award for Ecological Excellence <EcolNewsletter, p2>

  1. Rat-wise robins lose fear of rats when reintroduced to rat-free island: <TV3news>

  2. Robins on mainland (rats present) vs island (rats absent) reacting to control (box) vs stuffed rat: <Video>

  3.   Aerial 1080 application to control possums does not affect native robins:

  4. <TVONE News>  <RadioNZ CheckPoint>

  5.   9 min documentary of research study into 1080 effects on robins: <You-Tube>


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