Social and scientific goals

Our main scientific goals are to:

  • measure whether current Titi harvests are sustainable .
  • determine what sets the limit of present Titi harvest levels.
  • evaluate potential impacts of climate change, fisheries bycatch and pollutants.
  • describe the diet of Titi.
  • test and refine population monitoring methods.
  • compare Matauranga (Maori Traditional Environmental Knowledge) and kaitiakitanga (environmental stewardship) with ecological science for harvest management .

Our main social goals are to honour the Treaty of Waitangi and Tikanga Maori in the way the research is conducted, interpreted and communicated. We also seek to build a research and monitoring capacity amongst Rakiura Maori.

The need for this research
Study areas
A bicultural research approach
Matauranga and science
About titi
Scientific design