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Current PhD in Tourism Research

The Department of Tourism at Otago has a wealth of current PhD research into many aspects of Tourism and its related disciplines.

Our PhD research addresses the current and critical issues in Tourism, as well as taking a new approach to more traditional areas of Tourism research. Please see below for a complete list of current PhDs in Tourism studies.

David Adeloye

Geographical Perception of Terrorism and its Influence on Domestic Tourists’ Travel Behaviour
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Andrea Insch

Abbas Alizadeh

Exploring the relationship between sustainable consumption and eudaimonic well-being in tourism
Supervisors: Sebastian Filep and Juergen Gnoth

Easnin Ara

Supervisors: Hazel Tucker and Willem Coetzee

Sandeep Basnyat

Post-conflict violence and tourism: the Nepalese experience.
Supervisors: Brent Lovelock and Neil Carr.

Kevin Bingham

An ethnography of urban exploration: unpacking its social spaces and understanding its communities.
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Tony Blackshaw

Kishor Kumar Chitrakar

Community Based Home-Stay Tourism as a Sustainable Tourism Model in Nepal
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Julia Albrecht

Gebeyaw Ambelu Degarege

Tourism, livelihood diversification and food security in rural Ethiopia: exploring patterns, impacts and prospects
Supervisors: Brent Lovelock and Hazel Tucker

Abrar Faisal

Exploiting the redefined values of sustainable business opportunities: A critical case study of post-earthquake hospitality industry in Christchurch
Supervisors: Willem Coetzee and Julia Albrecht

Wiebke Finkler

Save the Whales Part II: The Science Communication of Whale Watching.
Supervisors: James Higham and Bienvenido Leon.

Md Kamrul Hassan

Climate change and its impact on coastal tourism: adapting sustainable strategies
Supervisors: Ben Wooliscroft and James Higham

Stuart Hayes

Tourism Education: A Critical Analysis
Supervisors: Hazel Tucker and Clinton Golding

Md Ariful Hoque

An Investigation into the Understanding of the Relationship between Community-Based Indigenous Tourism (CBIT) and Poverty Alleviation in Rural Bangladesh
Supervisors: Brent Lovelock and Anna Carr

Montira Intason

Supervisors: Willem Coetzee and Craig Lee

Md Saiful Islam

Community-based Tourism and its Impact on Sustainable Community Development: A Global Comparative Study to Assess the Viability
Supervisors: Willem Coetzee and Brent Lovelock

Liang Jiang

The characteristics of Chinese free independent travellers, a case study of New Zealand
Supervisors: Hazel Tucker and Tara Duncan

Kelsey Johansen

Exploring the culture of wwoof participation in New Zealand: An ethnographic approach.
Supervisors: Anna Carr and Tara Duncan.

Chiara Massacesi

From the Stables to the Stars: Cultural landscape and intangible heritage in national parks. Malga tourism in the Dolomites
Supervisors: Brent Lovelock and Anna Carr

Leonardo Nava Jimenez

Recreational camping
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Willem Coetzee

Golnaz Nazem

Supervisors: Willem Coetzee and Craig Lee

Stephen Parker

Eudaimonic Yoga Experience: A Males Perspective
Supervisors: Sebastian Filep and Anna Carr

Shahab Pourfakhimi

Online reviews impact on consumers' behaviour toward hotel selection factors
Supervisors: Tara Duncan and Tianyu Ying.

Nurdina Prasetyo

Indigenous Knowledge and Practices for Marine Ecotourism Development in Misool, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Supervisors: Anna Carr and Sebastian Filep

Karun Rawat

The Silent Choreographers of Mount Everest: An Ethnographic Study about Sherpas as Tourist Guides
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Susan Houge Mackenzie

Parisa Saadat


Ismail Shaheer

Animal rights violations triggered tourism boycotts-conversations on Twittersphere
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Andrea Insch

Fathimath Shiraani

Exploring Disabled Children's Holiday/Vacation Experiences.
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Gill Rutherford

William (Will) Stovall Jr

Susan Weidmann

The enduring appeal of mystery: unlocking the secrets of tourist motivation for 'fright' tourism through demand and supply perspectives
Supervisors: Brent Lovelock and Sebastian Filep

Guojie Zhang

Using Environmental Philosophy to Interpret Overseas Tourists’ Experiences of New Zealand Mainland Fenced Sanctuaries
Supervisors: James Higham and Julia Albrecht

Jingru Zhang

Non-local owners in ethnic tourism community in China
Supervisors: Hazel Tucker and James Higham

Hongrui Zhu

Been There Done That: The Motivations, Working and Traveling Experiences and Learning of Chinese Working Holiday Makers in New Zealand.
Supervisors: Hazel Tucker and Tara Duncan.

Minoo Hassani Esfehani

Sustainable eco-tourism planning in mountain parks.
Supervisors: Tara Duncan and Tianyu Ying

Xiao (Leo) Hu

A network perspective on water demand management in hotels: The case of Singapore
Supervisors: Brent Lovelock

Diana Kutzner

Wings of change: environmental change and impacts of mitigation by nature-based tourism operators offering birdwatching.
Supervisors: Anna Thompson and James Higham

Kokel Melubo

Corporate social responsibility (CSR): and tourism in a developing world context: Insights from Tanzania.
Supervisors: Brent Lovelock and Sebastian Filep.

Samuel Spector

The extent, purposes and outcomes of ski areas environmental communications.
Supervisors: James Higham and Neil Carr.

Gabriella Nagy

Institutionalisation of Touristic (Backpacker) Services.
Supervisors: Tara Duncan and Neil Carr

Saleh Moradi

The moral side of human flourishing in organisations.
Supervisors: Steven Grover and Sebastian Filep.

Christina Cavaliere

Cultivating Climate Consciousness: Connections to Farms, Food and Place.
Supervisors: James Higham and Anna Thompson.

Nancy Earth

Women togeika (artist-potters) 1970-2009: gender, tradition and modernity.
Supervisors: Jacqui Leckie and Tara Duncan.

Alyse Foster-Bell

Dark Tourism.
Supervisors: Hazel Tucker and James Higham.

Anna Palliser

Building adaptive capacity for sustainable natural resource management: A case study in the Akaroa district of Banks Peninsula New Zealand.
Supervisors: James Higham and Claire Freeman.

Supattra Sroypetch

Impacts of backpacker tourism on the host society.
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Tara Duncan.