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Christina Cavaliere - PhD Candidate



Tel: (Office) 64 0 479 8187

PhD Title

Cultivating Climate Consciousness: Connections to Farms, Food and Place


Dr Anna Thompson and Professor James Higham


2006 - Master of Tourism (with distinction) – Ecotourism and Tropical Forest Conservation. James Cook University – Queensland, Australia

2004 - International Training and Education Program (ITEP). American University - Washington DC, USA

1999 - Bachelor of Arts (with honours) – Environmental Studies and Fine Arts, Washington College – Chestertown, Maryland USA

Academic Publications

Higham, J., Cohen, S. And Cavaliere, C.T., A Multi-national comparative analysis of climate concerns and the ‘flyers dilemma”. (under review). Submitted to Journal of Travel Research.

Cohen, S., Higham, J. and Cavaliere, C.T.(2011). Binge Flying: Behavioural addiction and climate change. Annals of Tourism Research. 38(3): 1070-1089.

Cavaliere, C.T. (2010). Agroecotourism, Sustainable Livelihoods, Eco-Literacy. The Centre for Recreation Research Symposium 2010: Recreation Values and Natural Areas. Dunedin, New Zealand.

Industrial/Professional Publications

Solgaard, A., Rucevska, I., Neumann, C., Cavaliere, C. T., Lutz, S. Fernagut, M. and Julseth, M. (2012). Vital Graphics on Payment for Ecosystem Services: Realising Nature’s Value. GRID Arendal.

UNEP, FAO, IMO, UNDP, IUCN, WorldFish Center, GRIDArendal.(2012).Green Economy in a Blue World. GRID Arendal. (Cavaliere, C.T. Sustainable Tourism chapter coordinator and editor).


Cavaliere, C. 2009, Sustainable Agroecotourism Ventures for Low-Carbon Societies, UNIDO UNEP International Conference on Green Industry in Asia, Manila, Philippines

Cavaliere, C. 2008, Ecotourism: Discovering Trends, Resources, and the Potential in Your Community, 2008 National Recreation and Parks Association Congress, Baltimore, USA

Cavaliere, C. 2008, Keynote Presentation: Ecotourism and Capacity Building for Bio-Cultural Conservation, International Conference on Mediterranean Ecotourism, Sicily, Italy

Cavaliere, C. 2008, Tourism and Climate Change: Sustainable Transportation Guidelines , Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Tourism Seminar “Linking Sustainable Tourism Efforts in Costa Rica with International Initiatives”, San Jose, Costa Rica

Cavaliere, C. 2008, Ecotourism and Green Building, AMICUS Green Building Centre Public Forum, Washington DC, USA

Cavaliere, C. 2007, Conserving Tropical Forests through Sustainable Development Strategies, The Royal Belum Tropical Rainforest Tourism Symposium, Perak, Malaysia

Cavaliere, C. 2007, Rural Community Development through Sustainable Agroecotourism, The North American Ecotourism Conference, Madison, Wisconsin USA

Cavaliere, C. 2007, Training and Education Programs for Rural Community Development, Global Ecotourism Conference, Oslo, Norway

Cavaliere, C. 2007, Continuing Education Programs for Protected Area Funding and Management, UNEP: A Finance Initiative for Protected Areas, Arendal, Norway

Cavaliere, C. 2006, SCP, Community Development and Tropical Agroecotourism as Tools for LDCs, UNEP: Sustainable Consumption and Production Conference, Arusha, Tanzania

Cavaliere, C. 2006, Education Programs and Environmental Innovations for Sustainable Travel, Bioneers Conference, Dartmouth, Massachusett

Cavaliere, C. 2006, Curriculum Guidelines and Principles for Sustainable Development, The East Coast Tourism University Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Cavaliere, C. 2006, Corporate Social Responsibility, USAID, World Bank, UNWTO: Communication in Sustainable Tourism Development, Washington, DC

Academic Conference and Seminar Presentations

Psychological and Behavioural Approaches to Understanding and Governing Sustainable Tourism Mobility: An International Workshop (07/12)
Climate change and the ‘flyers’ dilemma’: A multi-national comparative analysis. Higham, J.E.S., Cohen, S.A. & Cavaliere, C. T. (2012).
Freiburg, Germany

University of Alberta: School of Physical Education and Recreation (05/12)
Climate change and tourist attitudes to flying and sustainability; Higham, J.E.S., Cohen, S. & Cavaliere, C. T. (2012). Invited Seminar
Edmonton, Canada

Washington College: Joseph H. McLain Program in Environmental Studies (10/10)
Agroecotourism and Climate Change in the Tropics. Invited Seminar
Maryland, United States of America

Sustainable Food in Tourism and Hospitality: Linnaeus University (09/10)
Cultivating Climate Conscious Cuisine: Agroecotourism and Ecogastronomy
Kalmar, Sweden

Travel and Tourism Research Association European Chapter Conference (09/10)
Agroecotourism and Yoga Ecology: Cultivating Health and Wellness
Budapest, Hungary

Centre for Recreation Research Symposium: Recreation Values and Natural Areas (03/10)
Agroecotourism, Sustainable Livelihoods, Eco-Literacy
Dunedin, New Zealand

University of Otago, Public Lecture (08/09)
Sustainable Transportation Guidelines for Nature Tour Operators
Dunedin, New Zealand

Press Coverage and Media Interviews

'Tickets, passport, suitcase, ethics' By Susan Smirk, Critic: University of Otago, 10 June 2009

'Global organisations bid to set Sustainable Tourism criteria' By David Simpson, Environmental Impact, 07 August 2008

'The Business of Being Green' By Anne Burke, Travel Age West Magazine, 4 August 2008

'Find a certified green ecotourism operation ' By Emily Waltz, Plenty Magazine, July 2008

'How Green is green? Demystifying green tourism in the age of climate change' By Sean Arthur Joyce, Dreamscapes: Travel and Lifestyle Magazine, July/August 2008 pg 28

'Ecotourism Taking Root Here' By Blake Schmidt, Tico Times, 09 May 2008

'Green Travel Ties' By Alex Palmer, Incentive Sales and Marketing, 05 May 2008

'Unearthing various shades of green tourism' By Jon Azpiri, Vancouver Straight, 17 April 2008

'Sweden - a green destination' By Debra C. Argen, Luxury Experience, 08 April 2008

'The promise of eco tourism from Panama to Thailand to Uganda, sustainable traveling catches on' By Matt Kettmann, LA Yoga Magazine, March 2008: Volume 7/Number 2

'Traveling with Climate in Mind – business as usual or staying at home?' By Joe Ascanio, Terracurve Responsible Travel, 27 February 2008

'See the Planet, Save the Planet' By Eviana Hartman, The Washington Post, 10 February 2008

'TIES and FUNDEMAS Join Forces to Strengthen Ecotourism and Sustainable Development' By Herbote International Research, World Tourism Directory, 11 January 2008

'Travel Light, Spread The Light!' By Marcia C. Landskroener, Washington College Magazine, Winter 2008

'Step Lightly, Please' By Michael Tennesen, Audubon Magazine, July/August 2007

Scholarships and Awards

University of Otago International Postgraduate PhD Scholarship

Teaching Experience

The University of Otago

Invited Lecturer (04/13)
Tourist Culture (T411): 2 Lectures
Title: Post-Tourism; Risks and the Future

Invited Lecturer (01/13)
Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: 2 Lectures
Title: International Conservation;Principles, Certification and Accreditation

Invited Lecturer (07/10)
Ecotourism Operations (T306): Global Perspectives: greenwashing & certification

Assistant Lecturer (07/09-10/09)
Ecotourism Operations (T306): 5 Lectures, 12 Tutorials

Assistant Lecturer (07/09-10/09)
Tourism Development and Planning (T212): 7 Lectures

Invited Lecturer (09/09)
Entrepreneurship in Tourism (T416): Pro-poor Tourism Strategies

Invited Lecturer (08/09)
Managing the Visitor Experience (T305): Enriching the Tourist Product through Sustainability

Invited Lecturer (06/09)
Tourism and Hospitality Enterprise Management (T218)

Invited Lecturer (05/09)
Cultural and Heritage Tourism (T301)
University of Illinois

Invited Lecturer (05/12)
Title: International Partnerships for Sustainable tourism (visiting university exchange programme)

Guest Lecturer (01/2008)
Title: Travelling with Climate in Mind: Mountain Recreation and Climate Change

University of Stavanger

Guest Lecturer (09/11)
Title: Linking Tourism and Conservation

United Nations Environment Programme/GRID-Arendal

Guest Lecturer (07/11)
Title: Climate Change Training for Early Career Policy Makers (10 day voyage in the high Arctic: lead programme designer and trainer)

University of Eberswalde

Guest Lecturer (09/10)
Title:The Relevance of Climate Change to Long-Haul Travel Decisions to New Zealand

University of Utah

Guest Lecturer (01/2008)
Title: Travelling with Climate in Mind: Mountain Recreation and Climate Change

Wageningen University

Guest Lecturer (06/2007)
Title: Guidelines for Sustainable Development

North Carolina State University

Guest Lecturer (05/2007)
Title: Sustainable Agroforestry and Ecotourism

Gywned Mercy College

Guest Lecturer (05/2001)
Title: Cross-Cultural Instructional Methodologies and Educational Psychology

Professional Service and Membership

Department of Tourism, University of Otago: PhD Committee Member (2009-Current)

New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women: Student Member (2009-Current)

The International Ecotourism Society: Professional Member (2005-Current)