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Nurdina Prasetyo - PhD Candidate


Nurdina (Dina) Prasetyo
Photo Nurdina Prasetyo_diving_coral
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Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
Master of Science, Development Studies (Specialisation: Tourism Consultancy), 2003

Bandung Institute of Tourism, Indonesia
Bachelor of Applied Science, Tourism Management (with Highest Distinction), 1999

Scholarships & Awards:

- New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards from New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affair and Trade - PhD study at University of Otago (2014 - Present)
- The Best Graduate from Tourism Management Department - Bandung Institute of Tourism, Indonesia (1999)
- Bandung Institute of Tourism Scholarship, Indonesia (1998)

Doctoral Research Abstract Indigenous Knowledge and Practices for Marine Ecotourism Development in Misool, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Indigenous knowledge is still often neglected as a key source of information because it is often undervalued from a perspective of Western scientific knowledge (Semali & Kincheloe, 1999; Tuhiwai-Smith, 2012). Building on Indigenous knowledge can be particularly effective since Indigenous knowledge is often the only asset the local people control, and certainly one with which they are very familiar (ibid.). Utilizing Indigenous knowledge helps to increase the sustainability of development efforts because the Indigenous knowledge integration process provides for mutual learning and adaptation, which in turn contributes to the empowerment of local communities (Gorjestani, 2000). This doctoral study intends to explore best practice approaches in integrating Indigenous knowledge and practices into a sustainable marine ecotourism development in Misool, Raja Ampat. These approaches are expected to be effective in enabling active participation from the local communities in marine ecotourism development by conserving the biodiversity and safeguarding the cultural landscapes and traditions. The research will fill the knowledge gaps on integrating Indigenous knowledge into marine ecotourism initiatives. Literature on marine ecotourism and scuba diving tourism shows an almost total absence of studies that draw from Indigenous knowledge. Yet, local community participation is underlined as one of the most important factors in successful marine ecotourism development (Cater, 2003; Hoctor, 2003; Garrod & Wilson, 2003). This research project should thus contribute new insights on how Indigenous knowledge can optimally be integrated or applied in marine ecotourism and scuba diving tourism development.

Primary Research Interests Indigenous knowledge, marine ecotourism, scuba diving tourism, Indonesia, Raja Ampat
Conference Papers

Prasetyo, N. (2017). Indigenous Knowledge in Marine Ecotourism Development: The Case of Sasi Laut in Misool. In C. Lee, S. Filep, J. N. Albrecht, & W. J. L. Coetzee (Eds.). Conference Proceedings CAUTHE 2017: Time for Big Ideas? Re-thinking the Field for Tomorrow (pp. 853-855). Dunedin, New Zealand: Department of Tourism, University of Otago.

Prasetyo, N. (2017, April). Shaping Local Identity in a Marine Ecotourism Destination: the Case Study of Misool, Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Paper presented at the 5th UNESCO UNITWIN Conference: Local Identity and Tourism Management on World Heritage Sites, Coimbra, Portugal.

Media Coverage

- Otago Access Radio 105.4 FM, Dunedin, New Zealand: "Chai and Chat Radio Talk Show with Dina" (16 October 2014)

- An article on Otago Post, University of Otago, New Zealand: "Combining Passion and Research" (2015)

- An article on, Indonesia: "Dunedin, Diving and Dina" (2015)

- An article on, Indonesia: "Kuliah di OTAGO, Universitas Tertua di New Zealand [Studying at OTAGO, the Oldest University in New Zealand]" (2015)

Work Experience

UNESCO Office Jakarta, Indonesia
Project Coordinator for Borobudur (2012-2013)

INTRAREPS, Jakarta, Indonesia (tourism consultant based on ICT)
Project Manager (2010-2012)

CENTRA Business of Events, Jakarta, Indonesia
Event Manager (2009-2010)

CROWN Worldwide, Jakarta, Indonesia
Business Development Consultant in Records Management Services (2008-2009)

Kartika Pradiptaprisma, Bandung, Indonesia (environmental engineering & management consultant)
Project Manager (2006-2008)

Dharma Bhakti Nagara Business of Events, Jakarta, Indonesia
Event Manager (2004-2006)

Kreasi Solusi Informasi Teknologi, Jakarta, Indonesia (IT consultant)
Project Manager (2003-2004)

Centra Visi Pariwisata, Jakarta, Indonesia (tourism consultant)
Junior Manager in Tourism Regional Planning Development, Research and Development Department (2001-2003)

The American Club, Singapore
Intern (1998-1999)

Consultancy & Research Projects in Indonesia
2013: UNESCO’s Project “Save the Borobudur World Heritage Site”: Revitalization of Local Community Livelihood in Cultural Industries and Heritage Tourism in Borobudur, Indonesia
2012: UNESCO’s Project “Save the Borobudur World Heritage Site”: 1st Stage Restoration/Conservation Work at the Borobudur Temple Compounds
2011: Production of E-Brochure: Wonderful Indonesia, Indonesia MICE Industry, Indonesia Diving and Indonesia Cruise Destination Guide (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

Production of E-Brochure, DVD and CD Package I: Amazing Indonesian Heritage, Indonesia Meeting Industry, Indonesia Diving and Indonesia Cruise Destination (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

Production of E-Brochure, DVD and CD Package II: Indonesia Tourism Database (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)


Electronic Promotion and Socio-marketing of Indonesia Tourism (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

Development of Program Performance Evaluation System in the Human Settlements Sector. Survey locations: Padang, DI Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Denpasar, Mataram, Makassar (Ministry of Public Works)

2007: Management Consultant for the Preparation of Programming and Budgeting of Directorate General of Human Settlements for 2008-2009 (Ministry of Public Works)

Telecommunication Network Development in Thousand Islands Regency, DKI Jakarta Province (General Affairs Bureau of Jakarta Provincial Government)

Converter Modem Development between Governor's Office to East Jakarta Municipal Office (General Affairs Bureau of Jakarta Provincial Government)


Performance Evaluation of Software and Analysis Unit Development in order to Apply Performance Accountability System in Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Master's Thesis)

Compilation of Performance Accountability Guidance in Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

Compilation of Guidance and Regulation Standard of Culture and Tourism Development in the Era of Local Autonomy (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)


The Establishment of Indonesia Tourism Board in Other Countries (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

Simplification of Permit System for Conducting Exhibition and Convention in DKI Jakarta Province (Regional Planning Agency of Jakarta Provincial Government)

Preliminary Study of New Tourist Attraction Potencies Development in DKI Jakarta (Regional Planning Agency of Jakarta Provincial Government)

1999: Final Project in White Crater, South Bandung. Topic: Tourist Activities Development in order to Optimize Tourist Experience Quality (Bachelor's thesis)
1998: Field Project Study in West Lampung, Lampung Province. Topic: Preliminary Study of Cultural and Natural Potencies Identification to Develop Cultural and Natural Attractions (Bandung Institute of Tourism)
Event Management
2012: Indonesia Stock Exchange Shareholders Gathering 2012 in Seoul, South Korea
2011: Philips Year End Meeting 2011 in Batam, Indonesia and Singapore

Indonesian Palm Oil Conference & Price Outlook 2010 by Indonesian Palm Oil Association - Bali, Indonesia

Promoting Sustainable Palm Oil in Washington DC & Sacramento - United States of America (Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture)

Workshop: Spatial Planning of Tourist Attractions in Jakarta (Jakarta City Government Tourism & Culture Office)

Meeting Service 22nd June & 17th August 2009 (Jakarta City Government Tourism & Culture Office)

2006: Exhibition of Community Welfare Information (Bureau of Community Welfare Administration of Jakarta Provincial Government)

Jakarta Cultural Festival IV (Jakarta City Government Tourism & Culture Office)

Seminar and Workshop: “How to Win Local Election”

ASEAN Intercity Workshop on Managing Drug Abuse Problems (Regional Narcotics Agency of Jakarta Provincial Government)

The First National Meeting of Indonesia Provincial Association (Provincial Government Association of Indonesia)


Ramadan Bazaar (Department of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises of Jakarta Provincial Government)

Jakarta Cultural Festival III (Jakarta City Government Tourism & Culture Office)

International Travel Experience Australia, Fiji, France, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United States, Vietnam