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Ismail Shaheer

Doctoral Research AbstractIsmail Shaheer

Using information from Twitter, my study explores awareness of tourism boycotts due to animal rights violations. Tourist destinations deviating from the accepted social norms and engaging in egregious acts face boycotts. Three quarters of the tourism boycotts in the world took place within the last six years. Coincidentally, this was the period when popular social media such as Facebook and Twitter were adopted by a significant percentage of users. Online social networking services such as Twitter have become a useful tool to raise a collective voice in boycotting tourist destinations and to lead the way for potential tourists asking themselves ‘to-go’ or ‘not-to-go’.


Master of Science Tourism Marketing (University of Surrey, United Kingdom, 2005)
Bachelor of Commerce Marketing & Management (Murdoch University, Australia, 2002)
Diploma in Business Administration (Stamford College, Thailand, 1998)

Scholarships & Awards

Master’s Scholarship – Villa Foundation, Maldives (2004)
Bahrain Government Scholarship for Bachelor’s Degree – Bahrain (2000)

Primary Research

Tourism Boycotts

Including awareness, impacts and reasons for tourism boycotts

Social Media

Including the implication and influence of social media on travellers behaviour and with a specific focus on social media from a methodological perspective

Animals in tourism

Particularly: the welfare and rights of animals in tourism

Teaching Experience

Teaching assistant (lecturing/tutoring/grading/dissertation supervision):

Destination Management, 2016), University of Otago, New Zealand
Introduction to Tourism (2016), University of Otago, New Zealand
International Marketing (2012, 2013), Maldives National University
Dissertation Supervision (2011, 2012), Maldives National University
Consumer Behaviour (2011), Maldives National University
Marketing Management (2010), Maldives National University
Introduction to Marketing (2010), Maldives National University
Business Communication (2010), Villa College, Maldives
Marketing Research (2009), Maldives National University

Guest lecturer:

Global Tourism (2016), University of Otago, New Zealand


Shaheer, I. (2016). Tourism and violence: new directions in tourism analysis. Annals of Leisure Research, 19(3), 378-380.
Shaheer, I. (2016). Tourism marketing for developing countries: Battling stereotypes and crises in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 13(1), 98-99.
Shaheer, I. (2017). Tourism Boycotts – the Where and the Why. In Proceedings of the Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education (pp. 751–754). Dunedin: University of Otago.

Other publications

Shaheer, I. (2011). Introduction to Marketing. Centre for Open Learning, Maldives National University, Maldives.
Shiraani, F., & Shaheer, I. (2011). Study Skills. Centre for Open Learning, Maldives National University, Maldives.

Research Work

Research Assistant (2015). New Zealand Master Games, Principal Investigator: Dr. Willem Coetzee, University of Otago, New Zealand

Research Assistant (2016 - ongoing). Postgraduate International Students' Readiness, Principal Investigators: Associate Professor Jacques van der Meer & Dr. Sarah Carr, University of Otago, New Zealand

Industry Experience and Projects

Deputy Director, Marketing (2007 – 2010), Maldives Tourism Promotion Board, Maldives
Marketing Executive (2005 – 2007), Maldives Tourism Promotion Board, Maldives
President’s Green Resort Award, Maldives – Member of the Judging Panel (2008, 2009)
Evaluation of bids to lease islands for tourism development in Maldives, Maldives – Member of the Evaluation Team (2007, 2008)


Maldives Destination Marketing plan for Tourism Promotional Advisory Council (2008, 2009, 2010), Male', Maldives
3 Minutes Thesis Winner (2016), Business Annual Research Conference, University of Otago, New Zealand