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Department of Tourism Publications 1999

Books - Authored Research

Hall, C.M. and Page, S. The Geography ofTourism and Recreation. Routledge, London (1999) 309p.

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles - Refereed Article

Hall, C.M. Rethinking collaboration and partnership: A public policy perspective. Journal of Sustainable Tourism 7(3/4):274-289 (1999)

Hall, C.M. Voices from the periphery: Recent Australasian writings on tourism and related subjects. Tourism Geographies1(2):244-250 (1999)

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Major Reviews

Hinch, T., McIntosh, A. and Ingram, T. 1999. Maori attractions in Aotearoa: Setting A context for sustainable tourism. ResearchPaper Number 6. Centre for Tourism, University of Otago, Dunedin (1999)

Kearsley, G.W., Kliskey, A.D., Higham, J.E.S. and Higham, E.C. Perceptions of wilderness in the South Island of New Zealand: A multiple images approach. In Research Paper Number 4. Centre for Tourism, University of Otago, Dunedin (1999)

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Conference Contributions

Carr, A.M. (1999) “Tangata whenua, mana whenua and manuhiri: Managing differing environmental values in natural areas – the Māori perspective.” Abstract only, International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM), July 7-10 1999, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, p. 30.

Kearsley, G.W., McIntosh, A.J. and A.M. Carr (1999) “Māori Myths, Beliefs and Values: products and constraints for New Zealand Tourism.” in E. Arola and T. Mikkonen (eds.) Tourism Industry and Education Symposium Proceedings, Reports and Proceedings Jyvaskyla Polytechnic No 5, Jyvaskyla Polytechnic, Finland, 292-302.


J.E.S. Higham & T.D. Hinch
The development of Rugby Super 12 and its implications for tourism:
The case of the Otago Highlanders.
(Industry Report)
Read the full version of paper (PDF 303 KB)