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Safety & security

In an emergency call 111 for Police, Fire or Ambulance. Emergency services are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The aim of Uni Flats is to provide a safe, secure and enjoyable living environment for every student that stays with us. To achieve this we have put extensive safety and security measures into place. Security is a shared responsibility and we encourage you to help us keep you, your flat and your personal possessions secure.

On call service 24/7

The University has a security service provided by Campus Watch that patrols the University area on foot and in a safety patrol vehicle.

Campus Watch employs staff to patrol the Campus and surrounding residential area 24/7. They provide a safety walk home service as well as the safety patrol vehicle, which are especially useful to students at night. They can be contacted by phoning 0800 479 5000.

The University also has a member of the NZ Police force based on campus - Further information about the Campus Cop

Uni Flats have a staff member available out of workings hours in case of any maintenance emergencies, for example a broken window or flooded bathroom. They can be contacted on 479 8688 - Follow the prompts and you will be re-directed to the person on call.

Uni Flats also has a staff member on-call to provide emergency pastoral care and they can be contacted via mobile on 021 279 5980.

Security and keys

All Uni Flats residents are able to lock their bedrooms and upon arrival you will be issued with a key that will open both your flat and your bedroom doors.

We strongly recommend that you lock your flat and your bedroom doors when you are not at home. Please take good care of your keys - this includes not giving your key to another resident. You are not permitted to have extra keys cut.

If you lose your key it is important for the security of your flat that you notify the Uni Flats office as soon as possible. We will arrange for another key to be cut; a charge of $20 will be added to your account for the replacement key.

If you find yourself locked out of your room after hours you can call Campus Watch (0800 479 5000) and they will come round and let you in.

Electrical fittings

Electrical light fixtures must not be modified in any way. Homemade light fixtures, paper lampshades and combustible decorations on light fixtures are all fire hazards.

The use of electrical extension cords is common place. We ask that you only use extension cords that are undamaged and are the correct length for the purpose they are being used. Cords must not be nailed or pinned in place and must not be covered. If you find you require additional power outlets special multi outlet boxes are readily available from local hardware or retail stores. We recommended the use of multi outlet boxes with built in circuit breakers to help prevent overloading.

Please ensure that all electrical devices including leads and multi outlet boxes are checked by Uni Flats staff before being used.

Fire safety

Due to the potential fire risk candles, incense and fireworks are not permitted in the flats. Flammable liquids such as methylated spirits, kerosene or gasoline are not permitted to be stored in the flats.

Tampering with fire extinguishers, fire alarms and smoke detectors can leave residents unprotected in the case of a fire. If the Fire Service attends a call out and finds that it is a false alarm due to the alarm being tampered with there will be a charge of approximately $NZ1200 for this.

False alarms negate the legitimacy of fire alarms and residents may find themselves trapped by a fire in a real emergency. Any resident who tampers with or otherwise abuses fire equipment will be liable for any costs incurred, including the Fire Service call out charge.

We take resident safety seriously and as such any resident who maliciously or carelessly causes an alarm activation may be referred to the Proctor and/or the Police and may be excluded (have their residency terminated) from Uni Flats.
Residents should be very cautious in using hairspray and deodorant sprays etc, because these can set off the smoke detector alarm.

Room personalisation is encouraged and supported within common sense limits. Any combustible items (e.g. posters and pictures) should not be affixed to the doors, ceilings, light fittings or woodwork.

All hallways and stairwells are fire escape routes and should be kept clear of obstructions at all times.

Smoke alarms

All Uni Flats come equipped with smoke alarms. The alarm will have a new battery fitted at the beginning of each year. If any alarm starts beeping without just cause please contact our maintenance team.

As the alarms are installed for your safety is vital that they remain in place at all times. If we find that the alarm has been tampered with, all residents will be held accountable for its reinstatement.