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Studylink information

Please visit the Studylink website and read the information carefully


Important notes:

  1. Start your StudyLink application no more than a month before the Foundation Year (FY) Registration.
  2. Do not give StudyLink your Foundation Year reference number – it will delay your application.
  3. Make sure you keep a copy of your contract once you receive it from StudyLink.

What to bring on Foundation Year registration day:

  • Proof of citizenship (passport or birth certificate - your driver’s licence is not proof of citizenship).
  • Bring your StudyLink contract with you.

WAIT until we text you your University of Otago ID number. Your patience will be appreciated!
You must ensure that you have sufficient funds for at least one month’s living expenses.
It takes several weeks for loans and allowances to be finalised.

We will receive advice from the University when your loan has been approved.
The UOLCFY Admissions Office can assist you if you have queries about your StudyLink application.


To apply for a Student Loan and / or Student Allowance, you will need:

  • Your bank account details
  • Original or verified copy of passport or birth certificate, showing citizenship / permanent residency
  • Your IRD number
  • If you are under 24 and applying for an Allowance, both your parents or legal guardian’s income
  • details
  • Your email address
  • The name of your education provider (University of Otago Foundation Year)
  • Your Foundation Year course start & end dates


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I submit my StudyLink application online?
    Yes. We recommend you take advantage of the online application here.

  • When is the best time to submit my Student Loan application?
    Please ensure you have all relevant documents ready for submission no more than a month before the start of Foundation Year. Submitting your application earlier does not mean you will get your loan any faster.

  • Am I eligible to receive the Student Allowance?
    Check the StudyLink online eligibility calculator.

  • Can I get the Student Allowance during the Bridging Programme (BP)?
    No. Studylink considers the Bridging Programme a “short-course” and as such, BP loans and allowances are not available.

  • I’m also a Bridging Programme student. Should I submit my application to StudyLink before I start the Bridging Programme?
    In most cases, it is better to wait until you have started the Bridging Programme before submitting your application. Please come see us once you are settled in the Bridging Programme and we can assist you.

  • I am a Tu Kahika/Pacific Foundation Programme student. My Residential College has requested payment, but I have not received my Living Costs from StudyLink. What should I do?
    Please see Zoe Bristowe (Tu Kahika) or Talai Mapusua (Pacific Foundation Programme) for advice. You can find their contact details on our staff page.

  • What should I do if I am financially struggling while I’m waiting for my Student Allowance?
    Please see Student Support. They can direct you to the relevant agencies.

  • Do I really need to have enough money to support myself for a month before my Allowance comes through?
    Yes. It can take up to a month for StudyLink to start paying you.

  • Do I really need to show you my StudyLink contract?
    Yes. You can complete your Student Loan application online and receive your StudyLink “mail” online. If you do this, StudyLink will store copies of your documents. This makes is very easy for you to show us your contract.

  • Why do you need my passport or birth certificate?
    In order to be eligible for domestic fees, we need to see proof of your citizenship or permanent residency. Only your passport, birth certificate, or citizenship certificate (or certified copies of same) can prove this. *Your driver’s licence is not proof of citizenship.*

  • Why does this process take so long?
    The University of Otago must process your information and certify your enrolment. Many thousands of students are registering at the same time as you are. As soon as it is done, StudyLink will be able to confirm with the University that you are enrolled. Please be assured that the process is completed as quickly as can be.

  • If I enrol in Foundation Year and StudyLink declines my application, am I liable for my fees?

  • How can I contact StudyLink?
    Dunedin Central Community Link, Cnr Castle and St Andrew Streets, Dunedin 9016
    Tel 0800 88 99 00