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Ecommerce purchasing form process


If you require an online payment system, the Web Team and ITS can develop a form and e-commerce payment system to suit your needs.

It can use the University’s credit card gateway or other payment option, such as email invoices.

The registration page is styled to look like the rest of your conference or department’s website.

Safe and secure

The registration form and credit card gateway are hosted on the University’s secure web server. This protects the credit card information and personal details.

Cost of credit card gateway usage

There is a charge for the use of the secure credit card gateway. For more information visit the Financial Services Division policies website.

Credit card gateway information: Financial Services Division website

Time frame

We require at least 6 weeks to develop the form and functionality. This allows time for development and testing.

We will not begin developing until we have received all of the required information.


Flowchart - request

Flowchart - information

Flowchart - develop

Flowchart - test

Flowchart - sign off

Flowchart - go live


Request for development

Email us with your basic requirements so we can gain a high-level understanding of your request. We will then be in touch to discuss your project further.


Provide us with information

  • Details of the person who will be receiving the registration/purchase emails:
    Email address
    Phone number
    Fax number
  • Address
  • Details of the person who has the authority to sign off after the user acceptance testing (usually the chairperson or HOD, or their delegate)
  • Test Activity Key – Fill out the form for the credit card gateway and return to the Cashiers
    Credit card gateway form (PDF, 140 KB)
  • Cancellation and refund policy
  • Any of the following that apply:
    Prices of items (including any discounts for multiple purchases, etc)
    Postage costs
    Attendance fees (including early bird discounts, options to attend whole event or only certain parts, etc)
    Optional extras (eg, conference dinners, accommodation, etc)
  • The information that you require for the registration/purchase form (name, address, institution, etc)
  • Purchasing options (eg, credit card, invoice)


The Web Team and ITS will only begin development after all the required information has been received.

User acceptance testing

You will be required to test the registration/purchase form with a test credit card number. This is to make sure that the correct emails are going to the purchaser and to you. At this point we can fix any errors, omissions and bugs.

Sign off

Once all parties are happy with the way the form is behaving, the job needs to be signed off by the authorised person.

At this point you will need to go back to Cashiers to get the Live Activity Key. This will be connected to your nominated Finance One account.

Once the form has been signed off the Web Team cannot make any changes to functionality, such as adding a conference dinner, etc.

Go live

The form and e-commerce gateway can now go live.

The Web Team/ITS will email you the final URL so that it can be linked from your website.