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The Master of Health Sciences endorsed in Aeromedical Retrieval and Transportation is a partly taught, partly research based advanced programme. Graduates from the Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma courses can credit their papers towards their Masters Degree. However, in addition, they are required to take part in supervised research under the guidance of a tutor from the Occupational and Aviation Medicine Unit.

The course is open to medical and non medically qualified health professionals and is normally completed part time over four years. The taught papers are offered through the distance learning programme and students study alongside Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma students. Supervision of research is also carried out at a distance and students are expected to work independently although with regular contact either by phone, email or face to face with their tutor. Students who have not previously been engaged in extensive research are required to complete a research methods paper before the research phase of their programme. All research proposals have to be approved by the Health Sciences Board of Graduate Studies.



Three from AVME717–AVME722;
approved research method paper(s) such as AVME785 to the value of 30 points;
and a thesis (120 points).


Six from AVME717–AVME722;
approved research method paper(s) AVMX785 to the value of 30 points;
and a research project (30 points).

For further details on these papers please see our Information on programmes and papers page

Note: A candidate, with the approval of the Board of Graduate Studies in Health Sciences, may substitute alternative papers to a value of 60 points.

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