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Information for Master's and PhD students

The Master's programme is an option for students who wish to pursue study at a higher academic level. Students completing the MHealSci (Rehabilitation) degree will not only demonstrate evidence of their ability to complete high-level academic study, but also possession of research skills to an internationally recognised standard. The main objective of doing a research project at Master's level is to demonstrate that you can tackle research in an appropriate way, collect and manage data, interpret your findings and carry out constructive criticism. It is not a requirement that the results should necessarily represent a substantial contribution to knowledge in the field. See the information for Master's and PhD students page for further information.

Completed Masters' projects in prior years

Year conferred: 2017

Mark Adams (2015-2017). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by thesis. A cohort study of psychosocial factors in relationship to pain in patients with Spinal Cord Injury and Stroke in New Zealand. Supervisor: Mark Weatherall. Awarded with credit.

Paul Hurst (2013 to 2017). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by research project. Clinicians’ experiences and perceptions of using training in motivational interviewing for use in community rehabilitation with older adults: a qualitative study. Supervisor: William Levack. Awarded with credit.

Paula Stephenson (2015 to 2017). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by research project. Nurses with disabilities descriptions of inclusion in the nursing workforce: a systematic review. Supervisor: Fi Graham. Awarded with credit.

Rachel Bladon (2015-2017). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by thesis. Exploring the work experiences of people with Multiple Sclerosis. Supervisor: William Levack and Hilda Mulligan. Awarded with credit.

Year conferred: 2016

Sarkaw Burhan Mohammad (2014 to 2016). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by thesis. Exploring ambulance officers’ experience of chronic low back pain and its treatment. Supervisor: Jean Hay-Smith. Awarded with credit.

Year conferred: 2015

Theresa Dyer (2010 to 2015). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by research project. Antibiotic resistant infection: who tells the patient? Supervisor: William Taylor

Emily Timothy (nee Redhead) (2013 to 2015). MHealSc (Rehabilitation) by thesis. Some(body) else: Transitions in embodiment after stroke. Supervisors: Fiona Graham, William Levack. Awarded with distinction.

Cherie le Lievre (2013 to 2015) MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by thesis. Is the Participation and Environment Measure for Children and Youth (PEM-CY) valid in a general New Zealand population? Supervisors: Fiona Graham, William Taylor. Awarded with Distinction.

Year conferred: 2014

Rachelle Martin (2012 to 2014). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by thesis. The experience of life goal planning in the rehabilitation of people with acquired neurological disability: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. Supervisors: William Levack, Anne Sinnott. Awarded with distinction.

Billie Searing (2012 to 2014). MHealSc (Rehabilitation) by thesis. Supervisors: Fiona Graham, Rebecca Grainger. Awarded with credit.

Tara Martin (2012 to 2014) MHealSc (Rehabilitation) by thesis. Can a rhythmical auditory cueing exercise programme reduce fall rate in persons with Parkinson's disease (PD) and freezing of gait? A feasibility study. Supervisors: Mark Weatherall, Michael MacAskill, Tim Anderson.

Lauren Lopez (née Mulrooney) (2011 to 2014) MHealSc (Rehabilitation) by thesis. Adjustment in the context of using a wheelchair after lower limb amputation. Supervisors: Fiona Graham, Jean Hay-Smith. Awarded with credit.

Year conferred: 2013

Craig Hughes (2010 to 2013). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by research project. Rob Griffiths, Rebecca Grainger. Assessing simulated emergency egress capability from an underground coal-mine in a clinical assessment: a feasibility study. Awarded with credit.

Stephanie Thompson (2011 to 2013). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by thesis. Effect of the rehabilitation setting on motivation post stroke. William Taylor, Mark Weatherall. Awarded with distinction.

Tracey Daysh-Andrew (2011 to 2013). MHealSc (Rehabilitation) by research project. Evaluation of the Offender Reintegration Process for Work and Income clients being released from Manawatu Prison Health Unit into Primary Care Services. William Taylor.

Year conferred: 2012

Jane Large (2006 to 2012). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by research project. Assessment processes and integrated care for older people: a case study in the intersection of policy and practice. Sally Keeling.

Leighton Murray (2010 to 2012). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by research project. Adherence to land-based exercise in the conservative management of osteoarthritis of the knee joint: an integrative review. Rebecca Grainger.

Maria van den Heuvel (2010 to 2012). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by thesis. The experiences of managing paid personal care following spinal cord injury. William Levack, Jean Hay-Smith.

Claire Freeman (2009 to 2012). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by thesis. Provisional title - Experiences of intimacy in the acute spinal cord injury rehabilitation environment. Jean Hay-Smith, Bernadette Cassidy. Supported by the Health Research Council Disability Research Placement Programme. Awarded with distinction.

Year conferred: 2011

Pauline Boland (2010 to 2011) MHealSc (Rehabilitation) by thesis. Coping and Multiple Sclerosis – Individuals with MS and their significant others: A qualitative exploration. William Levack, Sheena Hudson. Awarded with distinction. Supported by the Health Research Council Disability Research Placement Programme.

Trudi Conway (2008 to 2011). MHealSc (Rehabilitation) by thesis. Exploration of the experiences and perceptions of spinal cord injured people who attend outdoor recreation programmes. Awarded with credit. William Levack, Sue Lord.

Sharon Mackie (2009 to 2011). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by research project. Awarded with credit. Eileen McKinlay.

Jill Nalder (2008 to 2011). MHealSc (Rehabilitation) by thesis. Patients' experiences of a clinical trial physiotherapy programme for chronic hip or knee osteoarthritis. Sarah Dean, Sheena Hudson, William Levack.

Julianne O'Donnell (2010 to 2011). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by research project. Determination of aerobic fitness in people with long-standing spinal cord injury. William Taylor.

Elaine Tyrrell (2008 to 2011). MHealSc(Rehabilitation) by thesis. Contribution of nursing to rehabilitation of the elderly: perspectives of patients and family. Awarded with distinction. William Levack, Lorraine Ritchie. Supported by the Health Research Council Disability Research Placement Programme.

Christine Wyles (2008 to 2011). MHealSc (Rehabilitation) by thesis. Characteristics of vocally disruptive behaviour in patients with dementia in private hospitals and possible interventions. Mark Weatherall.

Completed PhDs

Lynne Clay (2010 to 2014). PhD, full-time. "There are risks to be taken and some just push it too far": A mixed methods exploration of human risk factors in agricultural quad-bike incidents in New Zealand. A. Stephen Milosavljevic, Jean Hay-Smith, Gareth Treharne. Supported by a University of Otago PhD Scholarship.

Elizabeth Mayland (2009 to 2016). PhD, full-time. A conceptual exploration of psychological distress following mild to moderate traumatic upper limb injuries. Gareth Treharne, Jean Hay-Smith. Supported by a University of Otago Postgraduate Award.

Janet Macdonald (2011 to 2015). PhD, full-time. The process and experience of family carers managing nursing procedures at home. William Levack, Sally Keeling. Supported by the Health Research Council, Disability Research Placement Programme.

Moazzam Zaidi (2008 to 2014). PhD, full-time. Participation in a blood and body fluid exposure programme in a multinational healthcare facility in an emerging country. Rob Griffith, William Levack, Mark Newson-Smith, Peter Larson, and Salem Beshyah.

Pauline Boland, (2012 to 2016) PhD, full-time. Prescription and management of assistive technology for people with stroke. William Levack, Fiona Graham.

Jennifer Dunn, (2007 to 2011). Upper limb reconstructive surgery in persons with tetraplegia. University of Otago. Supervised by Jean Hay-Smith, Sally Keeling, Lisa Whitehead. Supported by the Health Research Council, Disability Research Placement Programme.

Deborah Snell (2006 to 2010). PhD, Neuropsychological remediation following mild traumatic brain injury. University of Otago. Jean Hay-Smith, Lois Surgenor, Richard Siegert. Supported by the University of Otago, Fanny Evans Scholarship.

William Levack (2004 to 2008). PhD, Goal planning in rehabilitation for people with acquired brain injury: a grounded theory investigation. Kath McPherson, Sarah Dean, Richard Siegert.

Sue Lord (2000 to 2006). PhD, The relevance, measurement and attainment of community ambulation after stroke. Kath McPherson, Harry McNaughton, Lynn Rochester.