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Study rehabilitation with the Rehabilitation Teaching and Research Unit

Postgraduate study in rehabilitation


We offer distance-taught courses at the postgraduate certificate, diploma, master’s, and PhD level. Our papers will challenge and develop your skills and knowledge in rehabilitation. (Note: not all papers offered every year.)


Paper Schedule (PDF)

REHB 701 Rehabilitation principles

REHB 701 provides a strong foundation in rehabilitation theory, disability classification, rehabilitation processes, goal setting, teamwork, and the fundamentals of the business of rehabilitation.

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REHB 703 Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

REHB 703 is a specialist paper in rehabilitation assessment and management of musculoskeletal disorders, including chronic pain conditions, arthritis and amputation.

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REHB 704 Neurological rehabilitation

REHB 704 is a specialist paper on rehabilitation for neurological conditions, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and Parkinson’s disease.

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REHB 706 Work rehabilitation

REHB 706 offers modern management techniques for reducing worksite injuries and promotion early return to work – suitable for all health professionals wanting to learn more about work rehabilitation. This paper is particularly suited for those who are looking to satisfy ACC's postgraduate training requirements to hold a vocational rehabilitation contract.​​

ACC's postgraduate training requirements (PDF)

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REHB 707 Rehabilitation for older adults

REHB 707 explores assessment, rehabilitation and management of conditions that cause impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions in old age.

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REHB 712 Rethinking rehabilitation

REHB 712 students will rethink current rehabilitation practice by finding, evaluating, and applying existing research in combination with practical knowledge in their own field of expertise.

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REHB 713 Goal setting and the therapeutic relationship

REHB 713 is a journey through contemporary theory, evidence, and application of person-centred goal setting to clinical practice. Students will learn to enhance service user motivation, address ethical issues, and strengthen rehabilitation plans.

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REHB 714 Personal and psychological factors in rehabilitation

REHB 714 is a course on psychological aspects of rehabilitation and recovery designed for non-psychologists. Students will learn how to build on service users' personal strengths to enhance recovery.

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REHB 715 Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation

REHB 715 is a specialist paper for those interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in rehabilitation for people with cardiac and/or respiratory conditions.

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REHB 716 Rehabilitation with children

REHB 716 explores evidenced-based, family-centred approaches to rehabilitation for infants, children, and teenagers with impairments, disability, and health conditions.

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HASC 701 Working in interprofessional clinical teams

HASC 701 aids in building better rehabilitation teams through the analysis and application of theory on team culture, roles, and processes in order to improve service quality and patient experiences as well as foster leadership excellence.

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