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Interprofessional education, learning about empathy

Current research in this area includes:

  • The Longitudinal Interprofessional Study: Ben Darlow, Eileen McKinlay, Lesley Gray, Peter Gallagher, and Sue Pullon

    The LIP Study is exploring health professionals' attitudes and skills related to collaborative team work and how these change over their final year of training and first three years of professional practice
  • Interprofessional undergraduate pilot : Ben Gray, Ben Darlow, Louise Beckingsale, Meredith Perry, Sue Pullon, Eileen McKinlay

    In conjunction with physiotherapy and dietetics academic staff a pilot project is planned for September/ October 2011 in which 18 students (6 each medical, physiotherapy, dietetic) will form a class to study long-term conditions management. Sue Pullon will undertake a concurrent evaluation using a recognised interprofessional competency rubric formulated by Vernon Curran and collaborators in Canada.
  • Narrative approaches to teaching palliative care : Eileen McKinlay, Sinead Donnelly

    In 2010, fourth year medical students agreed to palliative care teaching staff retaining copies of reflective essays submitted after a visit with a patient-as-teacher at end-of-life. The essays are being submitting to a qualitative analysis in order to better understand the impact of both the patient visit and the reflective essay task.

  • Medical Notes Study

  • Patient's perceptions on the nursing contribution through the Care Plus programme : Julia Ebbett (Researcher), Eileen McKinlay (Supervisor)

    Master's student Julia Ebbett is completing a qualitative study of X patients in the Care Plus long-term conditions programme. Patients have been interviewed about their perceptions of nursing work. The work has been presented at the Australasian Long-Term Health Conditions Conference in April 2011.

  • Screening and Risk project

  • Translation of undergraduate health professional learning into postgraduate practice
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