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Senior Research FellowDepartment of Primary Health Care and General Practice

Background and Interests

Profile_Sally_RoseSally has worked in the Department of Primary Health Care and General Practice since 2000. Her current research relates primarily to sexual and reproductive health, particularly issues that most commonly affect young people in New Zealand such as high rates of sexually transmitted infections (especially Chlamydia) and unintended pregnancy. She has a PhD in cognitive neuropsychology (Victoria University of Wellington).

Research Activities

Current research activities

  • STI Partner Notification Research: a group of studies assessing current and new approaches to the delivery of partner notification and testing for reinfection following diagnosis of Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea (Funders: HRC Feasibility Study, Lotteries Health Research and University of Otago) – Principal investigator.

Recent past projects include:

  • Is the rising popularity of long-acting contraception impacting on Chlamydia rates? (Funded by the Wellington Medical Research Foundation and the University of Otago) – Principal investigator
  • Same-day insertion of long acting reversible contraception at abortion clinics: are there regional differences in access or uptake in New Zealand? (Funded by Istar Limited) – Principal investigator
  • Assessing the uptake and effectiveness of government funded implants (Funded by University of Otago) – Principal investigator
  • Diabetes: The impact of maternal care disparities on Maori mothers and infants (HRC funding) – Co-investigator
  • Wahine Hauora: Reducing barriers to care for pregnant mums and their whānau (HRC funding) – Co-investigator
  • Towards reducing rapid repeat abortion among at-risk women (University of Otago and Lottery health funding) – Principal investigator
  • Exploring access to breast cancer services by Chinese Women (Lottery Health funding) – Co-investigator
  • Chinese women's use of and attitudes towards contraception (Lottery Health funding) – Co-investigator
  • Wahine Hauora- Inequalities in Uterine Cancer: exploring the pre-diagnosis gap (HRC Funding) – Co-investigator
  • Parental attitudes to HPV vaccination: a survey of Maori and non-Maori (HRC funding) – Co-investigator
  • Attitudes to HPV vaccination: a survey of teachers (Lottery Health funding) – Co-investigator
  • Increasing use of long-acting contraceptive methods by women post-abortion (Lottery health funding) – Principal investigator
  • Determining the regional burden of chlamydia: an audit of regional laboratory testing (Ministry of Health and University of Otago funding) – Principal investigator.


Murray, C., Rose, S. B., Kvalsvig, A., & Baker, M. G. (2023). Contact tracing for sexually transmitted infections in Aotearoa New Zealand: A review of clinician-notified gonorrhoea and syphilis data. Journal of Primary Health Care, 15(2), 167-171. doi: 10.1071/HC22147

Rose, S. B., Garrett, S. M., & McKinlay, E. (2023). Experience of telehealth for receipt of primary health care: An online survey of young people in a geographic region of Aotearoa New Zealand. Australian Journal of Primary Health, 29(4), 319-326. doi: 10.1071/PY22073

Carroll, R., Morgan, S. J., Ker, A., Garrett, S. M., Rose, S. B., Gardiner, T., & McKinlay, E. M. (2023). "It was a very awkward consultation because I didn't know": General practice staff experiences and challenges in providing healthcare to gender and sexual minority youth in Aotearoa New Zealand. Family Practice. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmad024

Carroll, R., Rose, S. B., Garrett, S. M., & Gray, L. (2023). Fifth year medical students' education, confidence and learning needs related to healthcare provision for sexual and gender minority patients: A cross-sectional survey. Journal of Primary Health Care, 15(2), 122-127. doi: 10.1071/HC22082

Murray, C., Rose, S. B., Kvalsvig, A., & Baker, M. G. (2022, November). Improving contact tracing for sexually transmitted infections in light of Aotearoa’s Covid-19 response: A qualitative study. Poster session presented at the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshop, Dunedin, New Zealand.

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