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The Art of Palliative Medicine - 2017 Semester 1

Listening for the music to stop

For my reflective piece I have chosen to do an abstract artwork because I think firstly it represents the confusing nature of being at the end of life. … I chose to use a vinyl record as the background because the man we saw loved old music. Using the record as the background I wanted to tell that story of how no matter what a person is going through it is vital that they keep what is important to them. For this man even at the end of life he listened to the music he loved and read the books he admired. And for me I realized how a lot of you does stay the same even through sickness, and how important it is for that to be. I made a clock figure on the record to show the value of time when near death and also how its meaning changes. The clock separates the record into a small and large section, with the small section there as his time remaining and the large section as the life he has had. In the large time section I have included many things related to the patient. From that I looked in myself and the importance of my family and friends in my life. I realized that I too felt the same even not being close to death and so can only imagine how it feels for the patient. Being able to relate this is a valuable skill I would like to improve on in the future in terms of my communication skills.