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The Art of Palliative Medicine - 2018 Semester 1

Ideal Heaven

To illustrate what I have gained from this meeting, I decided to draw a picture that represents Mrs. X’s life, her hope and her thoughts about palliative care as a picture could depict patient’s worldview in a more straightforward way. I used bright colours to show that even in terminal illness, patients may have a positive attitude toward the end of life. On one side of the picture, I drew a cherry tree to reflect Mrs. X’s heritage. On the other side of the picture, I drew a church to show her religious beliefs. Mrs. X said her family used to have flower fields in her childhood, so I drew different types of flower on the land, to reflect her childhood memories. On the way to church, I drew a small girl waving to an older adult. Here I tried to show the girl might just come back from church or just about to leave for church. The adult is waving back to the girl, showing that he or she understood that farewell/reunion is a normal part of life. This older adult might be Mrs. X as she accepts the fact that she about leaves her family members. I also hope this older adult could be her husband in future. The colour of sky is light blue with a few strikes of dark blue, showing that rain clouds may present but darkness will never completely cover the sky.