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The Art of Palliative Medicine - 2018 Semester 2

House of Cards

I decided to do a sculpture as I thought that it was the best media to represent her commitment to her job while also representing the building of her life. The house of Cards is incomplete to show that she is still alive and that she still has work to do and ambitions for the future.

One side shows the colorful images of people to show the connections in her life like her family but also her value in the people she helps through her work. The fact that some of the figure are painted outlines and some are filled in shows that some people are solid figures who remain in your life while others can pass through but still leave a lasting outline of their impacts on you. The colourway represents the life and enjoyment and diversity they bring to her. The rainbow outline shows that she is made up of all the experience and relationships she has with other people and that even after she is gone these connections will remain.

The other side of the cards was a black watercolor to represent the negative thoughts due to the cancer and her fears of dying and uncertainty over the future. I thought it fitting to put “unfinished” on the last card to symbolize that she doesn't feel ready yet to leave. She still has dreams and aspirations for the future.

The overall design and set of the photo is put together to show that you get to choose which way to look at life. She could have looked at the negative thoughts and pain but chose to look at the success and the beauty of the house of cards.