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Completed Master of Public Health students

The following students have completed a Master of Public Health based in the Department of Public Health, Wellington.


Hilary Day - Inequalities in sustainable transport use in Aotearoa New Zealand: Gender, intersectionality, and commuting using sustainable transport modes.

Leilani Freeman - Sugar-sweetened Beverage Tax Pass-through Rates: A Systematic Review.

Symaina Pandey - Optimising the Structure and Function of Public Health in New Zealand.


Rachel Dyer - Cancer Diagnosis and treatment in Pacific Island countries and territories.

Sally Thomas - Group A Streptococcus skin infection in New Zealand and its association with Acute Rheumatic Fever: A descriptive epidemiological study.

Loma Veatupu - Kids’Cam Tonga: Exploring the me’akai Tongan children eat in Ha’apai using wearable cameras.


Sarah Dallas - Reversing the decay of preschool oral health: a mixed methods approach to examining the influences on preschool oral health.

Greg Evans - Exploring potential age inequity in cancer treatment received by patients with breast or colon cancer within the greater Auckland region of NZ.

Tal Leigh Sharrock - The cost-effectiveness of fixed-dose combinations for preventive cardiovascular pharmacotherapy.

Catherine Whitley - Improved access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) and the declining abortion rate.

Mereana Wilson-Rooy - The Waikoura Framework: a bicultural systems model for management of Lake Rotorua.


Bronwen Chesterfield - Non-death in cancer patients and cancer suicide.

Andrew Crowley - The effectiveness of targeted intervention to reduce inequalities in the determinants of health: Retrofit insulation, heating and health in New Zealand 2009-2016

Nadia Freeman - Grass Routes: An observational analysis of how children use green spaces

Ryan Gage - Skin cancer prevention in NZ school-children: a Markov cost-utility model using data from Kids’Cam automated cameras.

Bernadette Jones - Achieving Equitable Asthma Services for Maori.

Sharon Sime - Testing the feasibility of using automated cameras to identify the barriers and facilitators to self-management by people living with T2DM in New Zealand.

Jeannine Stairmand - E te takuta, kei a koe to tikanga – A qualitative study of factors influencing treatment decision-making in cancer consultations with Maori patients and whanau.


Eamonn Deverall - Group and home based exercise programme to prevent falls among older adults in New Zealand.

Marcus Gurtner - To examine and compare methods of researching the extent of exposure of children to smoking in ‘private’ places.

Elinor Millar - 2+ Health Conditions Survey: Insights into Multimorbidity.


Georgia Deane - The Epidemiology of Pertussis and Timeliness of Pertussis Immunisation in New Zealand.

Luatupu Ioane-Cleverley - Telemedicine and Point of Care Testing Services in Samoa.

Gabrielle Keating - Ethnic equity in the management of child asthma: developing and testing a primary care quality improvement tool.

Joanne McMullan - It sits in your heart" A thematoc analysis of midwife lead maternity carers' experiences caring for women living with social disadvantage

Rowan Manhire-Heath - A critical discourse analysis of given explanations for existing health disparities by front office staff in general practice clinics.

Ellie Moon - A comparison of Maternity Care Models and Their Relationship to Adverse Fetal and Neonatal Outcomes: A Retrospective Cohort Study Based in New Zealand.

Peter Murray - Screening for Rheumatic Disease in New Zealand using Echocardiology

Rowan Pollock - Importance and Implementation of Consumer-Specific Reporting of Adverse Drug reactions in New Zealand.

Julia Scott - Developing New Zealand's Pandemic Preparedness


Sarah Paterson - Community action against alcohol harm: A case study of community action against alcohol harm – liquor licensing in Fantame Street, Porirua, 2011-2013.


Lucy Cotterill - "You just keep walking into the pen to get your next sheep…” An exploration of sheep shearer’s experiences and responses to heat in the sheep shearing industry.

Helen Topham - ‘More than just a road?’ A case study exploring implementation challenges in sustainable city redevelopment.


Clare Aspinall - Anyone can live in a boarding house, can’t they? The advantages and disadvantages of boarding houses.

Zac Gerring - Health Outcomes and Costs of Referral for Elective Surgery: New Zealand 2003-2006

Andrew Waa - Understanding parental influences on smoking uptake among Māori children: A mixed methods investigation.


Gail Duncan - The Economic Benefits of Food Safety Regulation.

Margaret Earle - Cultivating health: Community gardening as a public health intervention.

Mary Duignan - Sun Protection in New Zealand Teacher-led Early Childhood Centres


Kirsty Craig - Grant schemes as enablers of local action: the example of the Nutrition Fund.

Brent Caldwell - Causal inference and the design of clinical trials in the community environment: a pilot study of allergen-reduction for the amelioration of childhood asthma.


Fathmath Jeehan Saleem - The Burden and Management of Water Related diseases in Maldives.

Sarah Free - Does More Effective Home Heating Reduce School Absence for Children with Asthma?

Carly Woodham - Food desert or food swamp? An in-depth exploration of neighbourhood food environments in Eastern Porirua and Whitby.


Vera Keefe-Ormsby - Tihei Mauri Ora: The Human Stories of Whakatu.

Kimberley Clare O’Sullivan - Gee my account is in credit!” Qualitative component of the Warm Homes Pilot Study.

Keitha Small - The Talk of ‘Food Tax.


Alison White - Chloropicrin Incident at Kohupatiki.


Cynthia Maling - How Public Health Policy influences Research; How public health research influences policy in New Zealand.

Sarah Widmer - Household crowding in New Zealand in the 1990s: Was it driven by housing policy?


Caroline Shaw  - Socioeconomic Gradients in Child Mortality: New Zealand 1981-1999.

Mondy Jera  - Housing, Health and Wellbeing: A Phenomenological Exploration of Life in Subsidised Housing.