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About HRC-funded BODE³, 2010-2015

Objectives 2010-2015

1. To estimate the impact (total and equity-related) and cost-effectiveness of cancer control interventions using Markov models (macrosimulation or microsimulation) or discrete event simulation 

  • To build Markov time dependent macrosimulation models to estimate the DALYs averted by cancer control interventions specified in terms of changes in: incidence; survival; stage at presentation; disability weights; and proportion of cases developing sequelae.
  • To build costing models for interventions, and off-set costs to the health system.
  • To estimate the impact, cost and cost effectiveness for ≈ 50 plausible cancer control interventions, as specified jointly with the Cancer Interventions Advisory Group.

2. To estimate the impact (total and equity-related) and cost-effectiveness of preventive interventions using multistate lifetables and other simulation methods 

  • To determine the epidemiological parameters (incidence, prevalence, case-fatality proportions, and disease models) necessary for application in NZ
  • To consult with NZ stakeholders to refine the selection of preventive interventions for NZ.
  • To transfer and implement established ACE-Prevention epidemiological models from Australia to the NZ setting.
  • To cost the selected preventive interventions in NZ and costs-averted due to these.
  • To estimate the impact (total and equity-related) and cost-effectiveness for ≈50 preventive interventions using ACE-Prevention multi-state life-tables models.

3. To build capacity and academic rigour in disease, intervention, equity, uncertainty and cost-effectiveness modelling

  • To undertake methodological research, including equity and uncertainty analyses.
  • To develop research capacity and infrastructure for disease, intervention, equity and cost-effectiveness modelling.

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