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George Thomson, Department of Public Health

BA (History and Politics), Masters (Public Policy), PhD


Research Associate Professor; HePPRU

Contact details 

Tel +64 4 385 5999 ext 6054
Fax +64 4 389 5319

Research interests and activities 

George's research interests are in tobacco control, health policy and health politics. His work includes researching government and business behaviour as determinants of population health, with recent research covering:

  • The effects and ethics of tobacco taxation.
  • Smoking and smokefree areas outdoors and in vehicles.
  • Tobacco endgames.

His research has been funded by the Health Research Council, the Cancer Society, the Heart Foundation, and ASH NZ, and he has been a co-investigator on two Marsden Foundation funded projects.

Much of his recent research has focused on areas relevant to smokefree outdoor area policies and smokefree vehicle. This includes the observation of smoking behaviour, establishing outdoor and vehicle smoking prevalence, and the surrounding climates of opinion. Current research includes the communication of smokefree area policies and public health history, public health legislation and planetary health.

Work on underlying health principles includes: Thomson G, Hoek J, Marsh L. The long-term supply of tobacco and nicotine: Some goals, principles and policy implications. Tob Control 2019 Online December 10.

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Chapter in Book - Research

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Journal - Research Article

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