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Amber L. Pearson, Department of Public Health


B.A. (Hons), M.Sc, MPH, Ph.D.

Honorary Fellow; BODE³

Contact Details 

Fax: + 64 4 389 5319

Research Interests and Activities 

Amber is a health geographer with a focus on social justice and understanding the unexpected tenacity, adaptability and resilience of the underprivileged. She has worked on research topics including socioeconomic contributors to health in poor and wealthy countries, drinking water, health inequalities and aspects of the built, physical and social environments which bolster health despite high levels of poverty.


Journal articles

Wilson N, Brander B, Mansoor OD, Pearson AL, “Building a reliable measure for unobstrusive observations of street-connecting pedestrian walkways.” Journal of Urban Health. 2014; (in press).

Pearson AL, Kvizhinadze G, Wilson N, Smith M, Canfell K and Blakely T, “Is expanding HPV vaccination programs to include school-aged boys cost-effective? A cost-utility analysis in a setting with an existing school-girl program.” BMC Infectious Diseases. 2014; (in press)

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Book chapter

Howden-Chapman P, Pearson AL, Rivera-Munoz G, Chisholm E, Woodbury E, Amore K. (2014) “Rebuilding Christchurch: A case of the Inverse Care Law” in Recovery, ed. Johnson E, Dann J, Reynolds R and Bennett B, Christchurch: Freerange Press (estimated publication July 2014).

Faubion, T., Paige, S.B. and Pearson, A.L. (2011) Co-opting the Global Health Agenda: The Problematic Role of Partnerships and Foundations in Defining Priorities. In O. Williams and S. Rushton (Ed.), Partnerships and Foundations in Global Health: 209-227. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Other publications

van der Deen FS, Pearson AL, Wilson N. (2014) A paradox: Limiting tobacco retail to “pharmacies only” could be part of the tobacco endgame. Journal of American Medical Association (in press).

Pearson AL and Breetzke GB. (2013) Examining the relationship between recorded crime and the fear of crime in Christchurch, New Zealand. A report for the Christchurch City Council, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Pearson AL and van der Deen FS. (2013) A pilot study of outdoor secondhand smoke drift on indoor air quality in selected restaurants in Wellington, New Zealand. A report for the New Zealand Cancer Society, Wellington, New Zealand.

Wilson N, van der Deen FS, Pearson AL, Cobiac L, Blakely T. (2013) Expert ranking of tobacco control interventions for health economic modelling research in New Zealand. New Zealand Medical Journal 126(1368)1-4. 

Pearson AL. (2010) “Vulnerability of Port of Seattle Assets to Flooding from Sea-Level Rise and Storm Events Related to Climate Change” a report for the Port of Seattle, Seattle, USA.

Pearson, A.L. (2010) AIDS, Sex, and Culture: Global Politics and Survival in Southern Africa. GeoJournal 75(2): 24-25. (Book Review.)

Pearson, A.L. (2007) Rural water and the Millennium Development Goals: Uganda. African Journal of Health Sciences 14(3-4): 219. (Letter to editor.)