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Sherif Ammar, Department of Public Health

Sherif Ammar 2017-11 186 x 270 for webMSc (Entomology)

PhD student; HEIRU

Contact details

Tel +64 4 9186483
Fax +64 4 389 5319

Research interests and activities

Sherif Ammar is a PhD student at Department of Public Health. He is a medical entomologist in ecologist's clothing. His research interests include mosquito ecology and biology, characterization of the mosquito breeding habitats, impacts of urbanization on mosquito ecology, mosquito borne diseases (particularly filariasis, malaria and dengue) and mosquito vector surveillance. His broad interests extend to modelling, public health pests surveillance and pesticide resistance.

Ammar's current research focuses on modelling potential scenarios and thresholds for the spread of local arbovirus diseases (mainly dengue, Zika, chikungunya and Ross River virus) under present and projected climatic conditions. He holds a MSc. degree in Medical Entomology from Ain-Shams University, Egypt, where his research focused on mosquito larvae habitat characterization in urban environments of Cairo. Ammar is also a feminist and a human right activist.