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Research contract procedures flowchart

Obtaining a research contract

The contract between the funding body and the University of Otago is negotiated when funding for a research grant has been awarded.  This applies whether you have a contract directly with a funding body or are a sub-contractor on someone else's grant.

If you are notified directly by the funding body that your application is successful, you MUST contact the Research & Enterprise Office and advise them of your success.  You should enquire if they have recieved copies of any letters from the funding body (and if not, send a copy to them to go into your project file).  Once the Research & Enterprise Office knows you are successful they can start the process of getting the contract organised and a research account set up.

The following flow charts will summarise the procedures you will need to go through to obtain a research contract and open an account.

Successful with funding / tender

Bullet 1   Contact the Research Advisor     X: 6855
                                                  Down Arrow
Bullet 2  Get Ethics (if required)
Once you get ethics approval for your project, send a copy to the Research Office.
                                                 Down Arrow
Bullet 3 Amend Forms (if required) / RA undertake Contract Negotiation
The RA will assist the researcher to (a) amend the budget, consting sheet and
objectives and (b) turn the MoU's into subcontracts.

The RA will negotiate the terms of the contract with the funder/organisation on
researchers behalf.

NOTE:  For REP's this may already have been done with the indicatory contract.
                                               Down Arrow
Bullet 3 (a) CCW Revised
Once the revised CCW
is checked by the RA
and approved for
signing, copies* made
and paperwork sent to

               Down Arrow
Bullet 3 (b) Contract
RA and PI construct
sub contracts for
agreement. Once
negotiation are agreed
contract will be signed,
copies* made and
sent to Dunedin.
               Down Arrow
Bullet 3 (c) Sub contract
Once sub contracts are
signed by subcontractor
and sent back to RA 
copies* made and sent
to Dunedin

               Down Arrow
Bullet 4  Copies & Paperwork sent to Dunedin
*the copies of CCW, contract, subcontracts are sent to Researcher,
Departmental Manager, and a copy is kept in the project file.

The originals are sent to Dunedin for signing** and processing.

**Official contracts, and subcontracts are signed by the
Director (R&E) / DVC (Research)   
                                            Down Arrow
Bullet 5 Research Account
Your Research Account is opended by the Research Finance
Administrators in Dunedin.
                                           Down Arrow
Bullet-6 Confirmation
An email will be sent to you, the dept. finance person detailing the
account details, budget and contractual obligations worksheet.