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This page contains shortcut keys that will take you to major sections of the Otago Zebrafish Facility (OZF) website.

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Browser Shortcuts

The following table outlines modern browsers and the key combinations required. 

Browser Windows Mac
Internet Explorer 6+ Alt+accesskey  
Safari 4+ Alt+accesskey (then hit Enter) Ctrl+Option+accesskey
Firefox 14+ Shift+Alt+accesskey Ctrl+Option+accesskey
Google Chrome 3+ Alt+accesskey Ctrl+Option+accesskey
Opera 8+ Shift+Esc (then choose accesskey from the list) Shift+Esc (then choose accesskey from the list)

In most other web browsers, the user invokes the access key by pressing Alt (on PC) or Ctrl (on Mac) simultaneously with the appropriate accesskey character on the keyboard. Some browsers (for example Internet Explorer on Windows) then require you to hit the enter key.