Services Offered by the Otago Zebrafish Facility

Rent a tank

You can rent either 3.5L or 8L tanks and manage fish yourself, within the OZF. This allows you to be involved hands-on, while also having the support of the facility infrastructure and expertise.

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Eggs and Embryos

The facility can supply eggs and fertilized embryos for research and teaching purposes. Wild-type eggs and embryos are available at most times through the year, while eggs and embryos from specific lines can be arranged upon request.

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The microinjection suite comprises four stations, which researchers can use themselves, or contract to OZF staff.

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The specialist toxicology unit has widespread applications within pharmaceutical and environmental sciences, allowing researchers to undertake testing under “long-term” conditions.

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The Otago Zebrafish Facility staff includes a pathologist, who specialises in zebrafish. This additional service is particularly valuable to researchers using the facility’s toxicology unit, as it allows the pathological analysis phase of their experiment to be completed quickly and seamlessly onsite.
Pathologist – Dr Dan Mornin

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A Leica M205 FA fluorescent stereomicroscope is available for analysis and the capturing of quality images. Researchers can undertake this work themselves, or contract OZF staff to complete it on their behalf.

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Importing Zebrafish

The facility stocks a selection of wildtype, mutant and transgenic strains of zebrafish (pdf list below). It also has the appropriate permits to import and quarantine specific lines from the Zebrafish International Resource Centre’s (ZIRC) stock centre.

The Otago Zebrafish Facility generally stock the following lines.

Transgenic lines

Wildtype lines

All lines have been imported from ZIRC. For further lines of Zebrafish please see the Zebrafish International Resource Centre (ZIRC)

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