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Zoology Seminars

Semester 2, 2022

When: Friday, 12:00 midday

Where: Benham Seminar Room (B215), Department of Zoology

Zoom link is available through the ZooBulletin or by contacting the organisers


Robert Poulin, Department of Zoology

What’s in a name? Gender bias and nepotism in the naming of species


Andrew Innes, Ecotago

Successes, challenges and the future of citizen science: Insights from over 10 years of leading citizen science programmes in Dunedin


Daniel Zamorano, Department of Zoology

Rivers as a potential dispersing agent of the invasive tree Acacia dealbata (silver wattle), an Australian species


Clement Lagrue, Department of Conservation, Dunedin

Aparima River Restoration Project: Can we use gravel extraction as a conservation tool?


Sridevi Bhamidipati, Plant and Food Research, Auckland

What can mayflies tell us about the origin of smell


Adria Eda, Department of Zoology

Metagenomics analysis of cutaneous microbiome of New Zealand’s endemic frogs (genus Leiopelma) associated with Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis


Marc Schallenberg, Department of Zoology

Trophic cascades: Food web manipulation to improve lake water quality


Mid-semester break – No Seminar


Priscila Madi Salloum, Department of Zoology

From shell shape to whole genome: shedding light on adaptive variation of a New Zealand chiton


Motia Ara, Department of Zoology

Evolutionary history and effects of landlocking on New Zealand smelts


Lucila Babio, Department of Zoology

Vitellogenesis in the shortfinned eel, Anguilla australis. Physiology of vitellogenin uptake and its receptor system


Xuhong Chai, Department of Zoology

Parasite community ecology and evolution of deep-sea fish


Alexander Tupps, Department of Physiology



Jerusha Bennett, Department of Zoology

Otago’s coastal marine ecosystem from a parasites perspective; biodiversity, life cycles and food webs

Contacts: Zoology Reception (479-7976) or Paul Szyszka (e-mail


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