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Zoology Seminars

Semester 1, 2023

When: Friday, 12:00 midday

Where: Benham Seminar Room (B215), Department of Zoology

Zoom link is available through the ZooBulletin or by contacting the organisers


Kyle Shanebeck, University of Alberta

The energetic costs of sub-lethal helminth parasites in mammals


Hamish Spencer, Department of Zoology

What I did on my summer holiday: Birding in South America


Alvin Setiawan, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)

The farming of kingfish in New Zealand, or how my office car park became a fish farm


Nadine Strydom, Nelson Mandela University

Coastal fishes under the microscope: A South African biologist’s journey


Graham McCulloch, Department of Zoology

Anthropogenic evolution of New Zealand's endemic insects: rapid adaptation in a fast-changing world


Good Friday – No Seminar


Mid-semester break – No Seminar


Aaron Bertoia, Department of Zoology

Critters in the cold: Understanding how large-bodied invertebrates respond to introduced predators and climate change, and improving invertebrate monitoring methods in alpine regions of New Zealand


Catherine Collins, Department of Anatomy

Piecing together the settlement of the Pacific: Applying the commensal model and genomics


Kevin Lafferty, University of California Santa Barbara

Parasites and food webs


Travis Ingram, Department of Zoology

The spread of freshwater fish and Ecology students across Rēkohu/Chatham Island


Matt Larcombe, Department of Botany

We need to rethink ecosourcing to promote resilient ecological restoration in Aotearoa


Charlotte King, Department of Anatomy

Secrets of the skeleton: Using tissue chemistry to reconstruct the lives of people and their animals


Daniela De Angeli Dutra, Department of Zoology

How can host migration shape parasite transmission? Using avian haemosporidians to elucidate the role of host migration on parasite ecology and evolution

Contacts: Zoology Reception (479-7976) or Nic Rawlence (e-mail)      

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