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Andrew Veale

Postdoctoral Researcher – Evolutionary GenomicsAndrew_Otago_cropped


Phone: +64 21 363658


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2010 – 2013 PhD, Biology, University of Auckland – New Zealand
2005 – 2007 M.Sc. Biology, (1st Class Hons.), University of Auckland – New Zealand
2007 – 2009 B.A. English/Philosophy, University of Auckland – New Zealand
2001 – 2004 B.Sc. Biology, University of Auckland – New Zealand


Research Interests

  • Genomic bases for ecological adaptation
  • Genomics of speciation
  • Landscape genetics
  • Invasive species management
  • Molecular approaches to wildlife management
  • Conservation biology
  • Environmental philosophy

Research Projects

  • Genomics of wing-loss and ecological adaptation in stoneflies (Plecoptera)
  • Genomic changes associated with ecotype divergence in sockeye salmon (Oncohynchus nerka)
  • Introduction history and genetic adaptation of mice in New Zealand (Mus musculus)


Wing size variation in adult Zelandoperla fenestrata from an altitudinal transect on the Old Man Range, Otago, New Zealand

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