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Malcolm Lowry was born in No. 13 North Drive, New Brighton (above), but the family moved to Inglewood in Caldy (below) when he was two years old. The neighbourhood of Wallasey was, according to Russell Lowry, heavily damaged by WWII bombing with subsequent redevelopment in the area, but Colin Dilnot has identified the still-standing house and explains the enduring confusion among Lowry scholars over his precise birthplace, in Malcolm Lowry: From The Mersey To The World (28):

In 1909, for instance, North Drive was in New Brighton, which was part of the County Borough of Wallasey. The electorial ward of New Brighton and later Warren (New Brighton was split into several voting wards as the town grew) was in the Parish of Liscard. When Lowry was born, Wallasey was in the County of Cheshire; but in 1974 it was amalgamated, along with other districts – including Birkenhead – into the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral.

Lowry's boyhood home "Inglewood", in the small town of Caldy on the Wirral peninsula, Cheshire. Lowry's boyhood room is the upper one, partially obscured by the tree. Russell Lowry made a rough sketch of Inglewood and its estate (below, courtesy UBC Special Collections).