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Malcolm Lowry was born 1909 at "Warren Crest", Liscard, in the Birkenhead district of Cheshire, England. He died, by "misadventure", at home in the Sussex village of Ripe (1957). His greatest novel, Under the Volcano, is set in Mexico from 1 November 1938 to 1 November 1939; begun in Mexico, it was completed in Dollarton, Vancouver, between 1939 and 1945. It features his relationships with Jan Gabrial, without whom Under the Volcano would not have begun, and Margerie Bonner, without whom the novel could not have been completed.

And they would work and work on this book of Geoffrey's, which would bring him world fameUTV, 271.

Malcolm Lowry, (1909-57), with a bottle of Bols, outside his shack at Dollarton, 1953. The challenge is to identify the book in his left hand. Courtesy of UBC Special Collections.

The veranda of Calle Humboldt 62, where Lowry might sometimes curl up in a "nest" of blankets and manuscript pages.
Lowry family homes Lowry's Charlestons Lowry at sea
Jan Gabrial
Margerie Bonner Lowry
Jan & Malcolm at Calle Humboldt 62, Cuernavaca
The villa at Calle Humboldt 62, Cuernavaca
Cablegrams from the 'espiders'
The White Cottage, Ripe: Lowry's deathbed
Lowry's letters and manuscripts
The tombstone of Malcolm Lowry, in the graveyard of the church of Saint John the Baptist at Ripe, Sussex.