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The Irish have contributed significantly to New Zealand society and, today, around 20% of New Zealanders have Irish ancestry.

This site has been created to highlight the historical and contemporary connections between New Zealand and Ireland. Additionally, a list of Irish migrants who came to New Zealand is being created to assist those researching their Irish heritage. The links between New Zealand and Ireland are extensive; enjoy your exploration of the Irish Kiwi experience at the links provided below.

Immigrant List

To facilitate those researching their Irish heritage, a list of Irish migrants in New Zealand is being compiled, with details supplied by descendants. As at October 1998, there are almost 400 names on the list.


For those wishing to conduct further reading about the Irish in New Zealand a select bibliography is provided here.


This page contains information about events or notices that may be of interest to those visiting this site.


Details of my current research about the Irish in New Zealand are included here.

Kiwis in Ireland

The migration process has not been entirely one way and this site also provides details of New Zealand connections in Ireland.

Irish in New Zealand

Past and contemporary Irish connections in New Zealand are noted.


A list of other links exploring the New Zealand Ireland connections is provided here. If your Home Page features an Irish migrant in New Zealand, e-mail me to include a link from this site.


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