Cabinet 1: Introduction: Ernie Webber

Ernie Webber, portrait photograph, c.1930.

Ernie Webber, portrait photograph, c.1930. MS-3333/34.

Cyril Ernie Richard Webber was born 7 December 1905, and was the only child of Frederick Webber (1880-1947) and Margaret Webber, née Jones (1881-1973), who lived at Ravensbourne, Dunedin. When living at Ohakune, Webber attended nearby Rangataua Primary. He later attended Otago Boys’ High, and the University of Otago, enrolling in double degrees in Commerce and Arts. Ernie (as was his preference) played hockey, golf and enjoyed fishing. He was a member of the Otago Historical Association and the Otago Institute, and in 1933, listed his hobbies as ‘Maori ethnology and history’, ‘statistical analysis’ and ‘Constructed Dunedin Stock Exchange Index Number’. He prided himself on owning a car ‘for which he paid cash’ and had ‘never borrowed’. Here he is as a dapper 25-yr old businessman.

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