Cabinet 1: Introduction: Ernie Webber

Scrapbook depicting ‘Master Webber’, Bassett-Lowke envelope, 20 May 1916, and an earlier photograph (n.d). Prospectus/proposal for The South West Company Limited, c.1931. Life Membership card, Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, Boston, c.1970. Photograph of Ernie Webber, an unknown friend, and his Jaguar 3 1/2 litre motor car, ‘The Wicked Lady’, c.1956. Ernie Webber, portrait photograph, c.1930. Photograph of Investment House, headquarters of the Inter-city Companies. Photograph of the interior of Ernie Webber’s house, possibly 50 Seaview Road, Remuera. n.d. Blank thumbnail. Blank thumbnail.