Cabinet 10: India and Asia

'The Railway Facilities of India' in Maero Library 'Indian Railways' Scrapbook, [1946].

‘The Railway Facilities of India’ in Maero Library ‘Indian Railways’ Scrapbook, [1946].

In this ‘Indian Railways’ scrapbook, Webber has pasted in original tickets he used while travelling over the continent. He also typed out stories and other pertinent information on Indian Rail and pasted them in. It is hard to quantify the time he spent on this activity, but it does reveal the enthusiasm of a true collector, even for the most ephemeral of items. One such item is the ‘Lakes of Udaipur’ menu, which offers white soup, mixed curry and rice, chicken mayonnaise, cheese and biscuits, and coffee. Webber had some or all of these delights the ‘first evening aboard Frontier Mail ex-Lahore’, which was on 9 March 1946.

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