Cabinet 13: Other Rail Systems

'Australia' in Maero Journals 'Here and There' Scrapbook, [1966].

‘Australia’ in Maero Journals ‘Here and There’ Scrapbook, [1966].

The Australian Rail system was one that Webber did know well. Indeed, in 1934, aged 29, he completed a return rail journey from Perth to Cairns. This scrapbook contains cuttings of that trip and others undertaken (1935, 1945, 1966), including a newspaper notice of his arrival in Melbourne, the varying gauge systems that bedevil Australian rail tastefully typed out, pasted-in luggage tickets, and photographs. Given that there were breaks in the journey where no line existed, Webber sums up the travel succinctly: ‘One Journey, 8 Trains, 7 Changes, 5 States, 5 Capitals and 3 Gauges’.

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