Cabinet 16: Ernie Webber’s Scrapbooks

'America' in Pamaero Library Scrapbook, [1944-69].

‘America’ in Pamaero Library Scrapbook, [1944-69].

Scrapbooking seems to have come of age. There are websites dedicated to scrapbooks, scrapbook studios, scrapbook shops, and scrapbook societies. Even YouTube contains video extracts titled: ‘Scrapbooking for Beginners: Design Principles’. Webber needed no introduction to this activity, and with paste and scissors, he compiled over 30 ‘rail’ scrapbooks, each with a myriad of black and white and colour images relating to rail and his rail travels. In the 1960s he had a heart attack and was told to rest. He no doubt compiled most then, it being a more than suitable recuperation activity. Items in this American ‘scrapbook’ date from the 1940s, which meant he had a store of older material from which he could utilise.

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