Cabinet 18: Rail in New Zealand

'Train' Photograph Album (compiled c. 1960).

'Train' Photograph Album (compiled c. 1960).

‘Train’ Photograph Album (compiled c. 1960).

This album contains 35 photographs of trains that were operating throughout New Zealand from the 1880s onwards. The labels below each provide class of engine, a location, the occasional names of rail personnel (engine driver; fireman), and a date, when the photograph was taken. Above are eight railway workers (two named) standing in front of ‘J’ engine, Auckland, 1884, and below, an excursion train (‘H’ class Fell engine) at Cross Creek, in the Rimutaka Ranges near Featherston, North Island. This album once belonged to William W. Stewart (1898-1976), artist, photographer, and author of several books on steam trains.

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