Cabinet 18: Rail in New Zealand

'New Line of Work is Ahead' in Pamaero Library 'Bush, N.Z.' Scrapbook, 1962-71.

‘New Line of Work is Ahead’ in Pamaero Library ‘Bush, N.Z.’ Scrapbook, 1962-71.

Designated as a ‘Bush, NZ’ scrapbook, this compilation by Webber contains articles on ‘The Pararaha Express’ in the Waitakeres, West Auckland, where small trains hauled open-top carriages with large trees to the local mill, a picturesque description of the Ongarue bush tramway near Taumarunui, and the Taupo Totara Timber Company Railway. When the timber industry flourished, such lines dotted the country. Photographs are also present, including this one where workers pose unconcerned about the other train passing above them.

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