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Cabinet 13: John Locke

A New Commonplace Book.

According to the inscription in the flyleaf, this book was owned by a Sara Jenkins in the early nineteenth century. It is described as a commonplace book that improves on John Locke’s method of categorizing information, and in its introduction quite vehemently criticizes Locke’s “inconveniences”. Despite the criticisms, it is conspicuous that the book is riding on Locke’s name for its promotion. The book remains mostly blank, with only seven entries written and signed by Sarah Jenkins.

A New Commonplace Book, Being an Improvement on that Recommended by Mr. Locke, Properly Ruled Throughout: with a Complete Skeleton Index and Ample Directions for its Use: Equally Adapted to the Man of Letters and the Man of Observation, the Traveller & the Student, and Forming an Useful and Agreeable Companion on the Road and in the Closet (London: Walker, 1806) de Beer Eb 1806 N