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Cabinet 13: John Locke

A New Method of Making Common-place-books.

“I here present you with a Method of making Common-Places, for which I Need make no Apology, when I shall have told you that it was writ by that Great Master of Reason and Method, the late Learned Mr. Lock.” So states Jean Le Clerc at the start of this work, displaying the influence and authority of John Locke’s name. Locke wrote this work while in Amsterdam; it was first published in a periodical in 1686, and later re-issued in 1706, after Locke’s death in 1704.

John Locke, A New Method of Making Common-place-books Written by the Late Learned Mr. John Lock, Author of the Essay Concerning Humane Understanding (London: J. Greenwood, 1706) de Beer Eb 1706 L