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Yellowbacks were a publishing phenomenon in the second half of the 19th century. They were popular books, simply bound in boards, with highly-coloured graphics on the covers. The designs were lithographed onto paper, pasted over boards. To protect the book and yet show off the highly illustrated covers, glassine was often used. Wrapped around Frances Cornford's On a Calm Shore is a relatively modern glassine book-jacket with print information (albeit badly executed) on the flap.

Holme Lee, Warp and Woof.
London: Smith, Elder, 1870. Stk. PR 5126 P8 W3 1870

Frances Cornford, On a Calm Shore: Poems.
London: Cresset Press, 1960. Bra. 6005 067 05

D.H. Lawrence, The Lovely Lady.
Hamburg: The Albatross, 1934. Bra. PR 6023 A93 L6

John Cowper Powys, The Art of Growing Old.
London: Jonathan Cape, 1944. Private Collection


Holme Lee, Warp and Woof.

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