Straight Jackets: the Art of the Book Jacket University of Otago Straight Jackets: the art of the book jacket

'Pint-sized Tucker McLean and the sleek and beautiful Eve.' This is the description of the two beautiful Amazons fighting on the jacket of Mark Corrigan's [aka Norman Lee] I Like Danger. The blurb ends on a high note: 'A rip-roaring action tale of law and disorder.' This brightly coloured jacket is typically of the pulp-fiction/crime novels produced during and after the Second World War. Such books were easily identifiable, not made to last, and perhaps a little risqué to become part of the lending library stock. Today they have their own charm, and form part of the rising interest in popular culture. The jacket covers - most designed by 'artist unknown' - made the best of the limited technology of colour printing then available.

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