Straight Jackets: the Art of the Book Jacket University of Otago Straight Jackets: the art of the book jacket

Attitudes have certainly changed towards book jackets. Today, designers are almost always credited on the flaps, often with an accompanying website address. Credit is also given to those photographers who supply up-and-coming author mug-shots. Libraries now keep the book jacket, recognizing that it is an integral part of the book. Indeed, Otago University Library has adopted the habit of pasting the flap to the back endpapers to ensure it remains with the book. And with new technologies at hand, there is now greater scope for invention and creative play, although for some, like Robert Thomson's glassine-covered book on display, the designer (William Webb) and the end-product have come full circle. And for those keen collectors, there are numerous websites available to explore further the growing interest in book jackets. Eg. http://www. - America's premier fan-orientated mystery magazine, and http://desktoppub. /od/ bookcovers/

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